You booked the resort and snagged seats in coach. All that’s left between you and miles upon miles of white sand beach? That darned empty suitcase. Fill it up – without a fret – with help from these handy packing tips.

Don’t want to plan outfits in advance? Pick an outfit base color: black, brown, white, or navy – and pack only things that match it. For beach escapes, I love packing things in shades of white, navy, and tan – with pops of coral and turquoise to keep things lively.

Pack three pairs of sandals: basic flip-flops, nicer flats, and a pair of espadrilles. One you’ll wear to the beach or pool, the second you’ll wear during the day, the third you’ll wear while sipping coconutty drinks under that gorgeous island starlight.

“If you go, take a sweater.” My mom says this so often, it’s become a running family joke. But goodness, is it true. I promise, there’s nothing worse than arriving on vacation and realizing that you haven’t packed anything warm. So please, take her advice – pack a sweater (or two)!

Don’t forget sun protection. Pack that hat (a floppy one looks chic), remember those aviators, and take the whole arsenal of sunscreen (these towelettes make toting a cinch). Wouldn’t want to spend the vacation red as a beet, would we?

Want a full packing list? Peep this one for ideas.

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By Joanna Berliner, Editor

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November 13, 2012