Wedding season will soon be in full swing, which means you can expect bridal shower invites to come flooding in at any minute. Want to stand out in a crowd of gift givers? Take this advice from Kara Renee Hagerman, editor of Cincinnati Wedding magazine, who shares a few thoughtful ways to make presents for the bride (and groom) more meaningful.


How to Make Bridal Shower Gifts Meaningful


Monogrammed Mason Jars
“Fill these jars with items that play to the couple’s personal interests. If they garden, add bulbs or seeds. If the bride loves to bake, add flour or sugar. It could be coffee beans or candy. The possibilities really are endless.”

Crystal Flutes & Ice Bucket
“Pair this crystal set with a bottle of the couple’s favorite bubbly, perhaps the one they drank when they got engaged.”

Stainless Steel Casserole
“Package this casserole with a beautiful recipe book. Ask a few family members to share recipes for dishes they know the bride and groom love and include them, each one with a heartfelt note from the family member who provided it.”

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February 7, 2014

Lots of weddeds-to-be on your giving list this season? Yeah, we figured – hence this present-by-shared-interest crib sheet. It’ll take the guesswork out of the gifting process and leave you looking exceptionally considerate. (Win-win.)

Gifts for the Happy Couple

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June 11, 2013