Ah, luxury hotel living. There’s the big cushy bed. Unlimited fluffy white towels. Service at the touch of a button. But a stay at any of the W’s 46 worldwide locations (like the just-opened W Bogota Hotel and W Beijing – Chang’an) goes beyond all that. Here’s what’s in store.

W Hotel Dallas Bed

10AM: Wake up wrapped in silky-soft cotton sheets and a down blanket in your plush W Hotels bed.

10:15AM: Sink a little deeper into the pillows and revel in utter comfort before you take on the day.

11AM: Shower. The scent of Bliss Lemon + Sage products is eye-opening. Slip on a W robe when you’re done.

W Hotels Yoga

12PM: Head to yoga. You’re going to want to keep this whole Zen vibe going. Hoping for something more intense? Get your sweat on at FIT – the W’s solution to making the gym more fun, it’ll be the chicest workout space you’ve ever seen.

3PM: Put that energy to good use. Dress to the nines and claim a seat at a fashion show.

W Hotels DJ

8PM: Kick off the evening with dinner. Indulge in room service while you freshen up or hit the hotel’s eatery to see and be seen.

11PM: It’s time for drinks and dancing – music will be flowing all night at the W Hotels & Burn Studios DJ Lab.

2AM: Snuggle into your W Hotels bed and pull the down duvet over your head. You’ve earned some shut-eye.

10AM: Wake up refreshed. Repeat.

Bring that luxe W Hotels lifestyle home. Our W Hotels The Store Boutique opened Friday, January 30, at 11AM ET.

By Chrissy Makkas, Staff Writer

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January 30, 2015

Close your eyes. Now, think back to your finest hotel stay. Got it? Whether it was an over-the-top Ritz or a cozy B&B, use that memory to recreate the same feeling at home. Here, we’ll show you how with three aesthetics.

Recreate That Hotel Feeling at Home

Images via The Carlyle, Soniat House, and Destination360

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February 24, 2014

Maybe you sleep on your back. Or next to a bedmate who just won’t stop fidgeting. Well, we’re here to say – there’s a mattress for that.

The W Hotels Bed Boutique opens Wednesday, August 7, at 3PM ET.

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August 7, 2013

Like a salon blowout (as in, near impossible to replicate at home), the perfectly made hotel bed is a feat of housekeeping mastery. Luckily, the Director of Renovations for W Hotels, Aliya Khan, let us in on a few tricks of the trade.

Making the Bed

Invest in high-quality bedding and pillows. “I recommend using 100% cotton, with a 200–400 thread count. Be sure to use sheets, shams, and a duvet set, as well as a lightweight blanket or coverlet. Extra pillows and shams are a nice, inviting touch.”

Make the bed. “After placing the fitted sheet on the bed, make hospital corners with the bottom corners of the top sheet. Then place the top sheet on the bed, followed by the duvet. Fold the sheet and duvet down 12–14 inches before placing pillows on top. Smooth out the duvet and sit the pillows up straight.”

Keep duvets and pillows fluffy. “Shake them lightly with your hand every morning and then redistribute the filling by tapping the pillows on every side. Wash your pillows and duvet every few months on the gentle cycle and dry them on low with tennis balls in the dryer to keep them fluffy.”

It’s not just about the bed. “While the bed is key, it’s also important to consider the entire ambiance of a room. Scents like lavender (either from a candle or a spray) are ideal as they soothe and relax, and citrus scents are perfect for waking you up in the morning. Also experiment with different lighting, keeping it dim by night so you can unwind but bright and welcoming by day.”

Our Keep It Simple: White, Grey, & Neutral Bedding Boutique opens Friday, May 17, at 3PM ET.

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May 17, 2013

Whether you’re entertaining out-of-towners for the holidays or looking to spruce up your own sleeping space, follow these easy at-home tips to create a bedroom that’s all about relaxation.

1. Make the bed. It may sound obvious, but if you’re anything like me, you know how temping it can be to throw that comforter over a pile of jumbled sheets and call it a day. Get into the habit of making the bed right after you brush your teeth, and after a long, tiresome day, it will feel as if housekeeping stopped by to tuck in your covers.

2. Stick with one color palette, & upgrade your thread count. Nothing feels more like a hotel room than crisp, white, freshly washed linens, but a soothing sky blue or neutral tone will have the same stress-relieving effect. And if there’s one thing to splurge on in the bedroom, it’s the sheets (not the TV). Up that thread count, or choose a luxury cotton like Egyptian or Supima.

3. Fresh flowers. We don’t often think of buying flowers if we’re not entertaining or greeting someone special, but a freshly cut bouquet perched on a bedside table or vanity circulates oxygen and heightens the room by adding color and pleasing aromas.
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November 20, 2012

W Hotels Fashion Next Celebrates New Designers

The fashion world may look glamorous from the outside, but as anyone who’s watched Project Runway or All on the Line knows, being a designer is far from easy. In addition to creating the actual collection, you also need the resources to show it, produce it, publicize it, and deliver it to stores – and then do it all over again (and again…and again) every three to six months. Whew.

The fashion cycle is tough enough for big-name designers with major corporate backing – it’s even harder for emerging talents who are working on a shoestring budget with little to no outside help.

Which is where W Hotels’ Fashion Next comes in. Launched three years ago, the Fashion Next program was created to discover and support young designers by sponsoring their New York Fashion Week presentations.
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September 22, 2011

The W Hotel Inspires Us To Make Over The Bed

Rue La La: How do we go about making the perfect bed?
Nan: It just takes attention to detail. You need to always be thinking about the final picture. Does it need a bedskirt? To start with, you need really nice bedding, and a good iron. The more luxurious and beautiful the sheets, the better the bed.

Rue La La: We want to recreate this luxe look at home. Can you walk us through your process?
Nan: Okay, my process:
1.) When you buy bedding, make sure to wash it first.
2.) Use a down insert, or a down substitute. Do not skimp on the pillows.
3.) You’ll need a nice mattress pad cover that’s cushiony, breathes, and is soft.
4.) Iron the pillow cases and the duvet, and if you have extra time, the sheets.
5.) Make sure the inserts fit the shams and the pillows fit the pillowcases.
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September 14, 2011



We’re not always psyched when things “pop up” on our to-do list out of nowhere, but this stylish surprise was one we weren’t opposed to clearing our schedules for. On Thursday, January 27, Boldfacers hosted a Stylemakers pop-up store at the W Hotel in Boston. Imagine a room full of racks, each bursting with clothes from sixteen of Boston’s most fashionable tastemakers (most with tags still on, we must add). The experience was like raiding the closets of some of our favorite local style icons, and we walked out with our hands (and bags) full of amazing finds (our style writer scored everything from a vintage cocktail ring to a flowy bohemian dress).
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February 7, 2011