For your vintage haul: Nix that stale, old-clothing smell from your recent secondhand purchase. Grab some activated charcoal (try the fish section of the pet store), toss it in a large sealable bag with the garment, and let sit for 24 hours or up to a week.

For spring picnics: Prep for lunches in the park by transforming a basket tote into a backpack. Fasten two belts around the basket, top to bottom. Then loop your arms through to secure the tote on your back.

For a stubborn zipper: Chances are, your coats have worked overtime this winter. Encounter a stuck zipper? Dab petroleum jelly on it with a Q-tip to get it sliding smoothly again.

By Susie Kostaras, Associate Content Editor

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March 9, 2015

BLG-1639 Chitter Chatter 8.12

Check Out: Which former Bachelors and Bachelorettes have stayed together (or, more accurately, broken up). Wonder if Chris and Des will be one of the few to make it work?

See: The newest member of the short-hair-don’t-care club: Queen Bey. Miley, Emma, Rihanna, and now Beyoncé – looks like we’re going to have to call our hair stylist. Stat.

Watch: How (not) to curl your hair. There are a lot of things that are great when fried: dough, ice cream, potatoes. Hair? Not one of them.

Know: The secrets to vintage shopping – for buys that aren’t going to leave Regina George with the last laugh.

Tell us what you’re buzzing about this week, or tweet at us at @ruelala.

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August 12, 2013


This spring, I’m all about repurposing what I have lying around my apartment. My current obsession? Suitcases that act as more than just travel accessories. Vintage or antique luggage can double as eye-catching coffee tables (and more). Here are some of the best ways to incorporate these pieces into your design scheme:

Front and center: With only a beginner-level know-how when it comes to using a power drill, a suitcase can be easily transformed into a statement-making piece of furniture. Check out this stylish DIY and put the finished product somewhere where guests can ooh and ahh over it (in the living room or at the foot of your bed).

Shelf it: Smaller pieces of luggage can act as mounted wall shelves, simultaneously livening up an entryway or home office and creating extra storage space (an added bonus when you can walk the length of your apartment in 30 seconds or less).

Dress(er) it up: I adore the mix-and-match look of these dresser drawers, though it definitely qualifies as a weekend project and then some. Actually, I might need some vacation days for this one. (Worth it.)

By Lauryn Paiva, Staff Writer

Would you transform your old suitcases into furniture? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us at @ruelala.

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March 7, 2013


We all have them – those friends with interests so specific, they make shopping quite a challenge. Fear not! We have just the things to save the day. Below, some incredibly thoughtful (and totally luxe) picks for those hard-to-shop-for loved ones.

Card shark: They always beat you at Gin Rummy, but this deck is a sure way to upstage their card-game prowess.

World traveler: This paperweight will inspire hours of daydreaming about their trailblazing adventures (even when chained to a desk).

Fashion fanatic: Why limit snow globes to places they’ve visited? This treasure showcases the greatest love of all – Louis Vuitton.

Game-night hostess: These logo-emblazoned Dominoes are the perfect way to subtly remind game-night participants that their hostess has incredible taste.

Stylish academic: Sure, it may not be the most functional globe in the world. But it’s got style – and isn’t that what counts most?

For these unique treasures (and many more luxe accessories), check out our From the Reserve: Accessories by Hermes & More Boutique, opening Saturday, December 15, at 11AM ET.

By Anna Kuchinsky, Staff Writer

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December 15, 2012


From the perfect deco bookends to bringing a Facebook mobile upload to life, here’s a look at all the lovely things I’ll be snapping up off of Rue this week.

Clockwise, from top left:

V&M bookends. I can’t even imagine the overwhelming joy these collectors must have experienced upon finding two such deliciously deco bookends. Nor can I imagine the sweet sorrow that was parting with them. But, rest assured – they’re coming to a good home (er, miniature apartment). I promise.  Our V&M Art Deco Boutique opens Wednesday, October 17, at 11AM ET.

Cole Haan cape. Not only is this cape the perfect length for some good old-fashioned upper-thigh hiding, but its trim – yep, that most certainly is leather – has the “mixed-media” trend box checked for the season. Our Go-Everywhere Coats: Capes, Down Jackets, & More Boutique opens Tuesday, October 16, at 11AM ET.

Longchamp shopper. It’s long been known that these French totes are, well, the perfect totes. Not only do their stitched leather straps stay put on your shoulder, but they can carry huge amounts of work stuff and gym stuff, all at once. (Don’t ask me how.) Our Longchamp Boutique opens Sunday, October 14, at 11AM ET.

CanvasPop photo. Now, this is a cool concept. This company is willing to print my beloved (and, I’ll admit, filtered-to-flatter) iPhone® photos onto a piece of canvas AND stretch it around a frame. Those off-the-cuff mobile uploads? Hanging on the wall, they’re about to look a whole lot more legitimate. Our CanvasPop Boutique opens Tuesday, October 16, at 11AM ET.

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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October 14, 2012

If there’s an under-utilized item of clothing in my closet, hands down, it’s my jean jacket. A classic that, like leather, just gets better with age (I prefer a little wear and tear), mine has been hanging sheepishly behind my summer maxi dresses for far too long.

Enter our ultra creative lead art director Tarah and her newly enhanced version. It may be an oldie (circa 2000), but with a cleverly arranged arsenal of vintage pins – oh, it’s a goody. So statement making. So simple! Call me inspired. And since no two look the same, I’m digging out my old denim BFF and following Tarah’s lead.

1. Stock your pin supply. Raid your jewelry box. Rummage through thrift stores. Swing by the accessory department. From oversized flowers to dainty rhinestones and quirky finds, grab what speaks to you.

2. Lay your jacket on a flat surface and set the pins on top. Experiment with clustering a few smalls pins together. Place one on the collar, the sleeve – play with the unexpected. Arrange and re-arrange until it’s to your liking.

3. Once you’ve nailed the composition. Pin them in place, and voilà! A jean jacket worth showing off.

By Sam Dulac, Senior Staff Writer

How do you wear your jean jacket? Share it in the comments below or tweet us @ruelala.  

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August 21, 2012


Madison Avenue Couture

It’s amazing what two little words can do to a style-lover’s soul. When we heard “vintage couture,” we had to sit down with the woman responsible for finding these iconic treasures and delivering them to our Members. Here, Judy talks about her love for vintage and gives us an insider’s guide to shopping these must-have heirlooms.

Rue La La: We dream of waking up and owning a fabulous shop like Madison Avenue Couture. How did that come to be?
Judy: One day I decided to leave the corporate world behind and embrace something I always loved:  fashion. I would spend hours searching for fashion treasures, be it from current collections or from the past. I looked at the art of fashion and why certain designers have a place in history and why some of their pieces are truly special. I became a collector of pieces from certain designers and fashion eras. Initially, our shop sold only contemporary couture, but we found that many of our clients loved to add vintage pieces to their wardrobe. I will admit that I often don’t want to part with the pieces, as they are truly special. But, our clients share my pleasure of owning and wearing the pieces they purchase.
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May 20, 2010