We are all stylists of our own wardrobe, and the best of us know when to toss a has-been trend and when to hold on to items bound to make a comeback. The result: a well-equipped closet of quality pieces and styles that endure season after season. These picks from The Six: Wardrobe-Building Women’s Labels – in burgundy, leather, velvet, and gold – are surefire trends, but in timeless shapes that last.

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Red Dress
This little number has the same versatility as an LBD, but with added have-to-have details. (If you love the cutout look, this is up your alley.) Throw this frock on for any can’t-get-out-of-bed Friday and transition (sans bathroom change) from desk to drinks.

Leather Mini
The leather skirt may be a then-and-again trend, but this straight shape is a classic, making this buttery number a long-term investment.

It’s just one of those things that can either go so right – or so wrong. If you’ve been holding off on this 80s throwback – just waiting for the perfect blend of sheen that’s not too gaudy, not too grade school – now’s your chance.

As memorable as Carrie’s leather studded belt and just as versatile. Cinch this stunner around a polished frock (ahem, like the little red dress), print dress, or even a winter puffer.

The Six: Wardrobe-Building Women’s Labels Boutique opens Friday, January 4, at 11AM ET.

By Julia Ivins, Staff Writer

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January 4, 2013


From velvet minidresses (1990s-inspired, of course) to velvet leggings (in a bevy of hues), this rich fabric is on my holiday must list. But even if you’re not quite ready to go all-out with velvet, it’s easy to incorporate this plush, seasonal fabric in a subtler way – just check out the Ciaté “Berry Poncho” manicure below.


The polish is available at Sephora and includes step-by-step directions. But, if you ask me, this tutorial on Ciaté’s website is even better.

A few tips:

1. Paint each nail with two coats of polish. Immediately after adding the second coat, powder on the
velvet – it will hold to the polish much longer.
2. Put some velvet powder in the “catch-all” tray provided and roll each nail in it, making sure to coat the nail completely.
3. Place some paper towels underneath your manicure station, because that velvet dust will wander.
4. DO NOT DO YOUR MANI NEAR A FAN! (See wandering velvet dust, above.)
5. Get used to friends asking to pet your nails – it’s going to happen more than you’d think.

By Carolyn Schultz, Staff Writer

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December 17, 2012


The Fall 2012 runways were all about the plush revival of velvet – and after waiting all summer, it’s finally cold enough to break out the luxed-up fabric. The only problem? Velvet can be a tricky material to wear. Incredibly chic when done right, velvet also has the potential to look dated and costume-y when done wrong. So, before you take the rich trend out for a spin, check out a few dos and don’ts from our stylists below.

Less is more.
Already super-rich and glamorous on its own, there’s no need for over-the-top hair and makeup. Stick to soft waves and a neutral lipstick for a more demure look.

Take baby steps.
Not ready for a full-on velvet dress? That’s totally okay. Ease into the trend with a velvet headband or bow adornment on your shoes (like these pairs).

Add some texture.
Team the thick, plush fabric with contrasting materials like delicate satin or silk for a holiday-ready look.

Stick to neutrals.
Classic black, navy blue, and other dark neutrals work best with this plush fabric. And as for purple? Unless you’re going for the whole Prince look, it’s best to steer clear.

Layer on a few vintage necklaces and cocktail rings, just stay away from anything too precious-looking (like ribbons and pearls) to avoid childhood flashbacks.

By Keriann Coffey, Associate Blog Editor

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November 7, 2012


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