The busiest – ahem, most wonderful – time of the year is upon us. Which means one thing: you’ll most likely be traveling. Whether heading off for a weekend to escape the crazy holiday hustle or preparing to visit relatives across the country, these tips will help you hone your packing prowess. Just in the nick of time.

Pack Like a Pro: 3 Ways to Maximize Suitcase Space

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November 11, 2013

Whether you’re a frequent business flier, occasional vacationer, or overpacker (no matter how short the flight), finding a suitcase that endures the roughest of baggage handlers and fits all your shoes is essential – and having it in a sleek, look-at-how-effortlessly-I-travel color wouldn’t hurt, either. From crack-proof polycarbonate to built-in garment bags, here are a few things to look for in your next travel companion.


 Our Tumi Luggage, Outerwear, & Travel Accessories Boutique opens Tuesday, March 5, at 11AM ET.

By Julia Ivins, Staff Writer

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March 5, 2013


6AM: Early morning run. Resolutions aren’t so hard to keep when the music (literally) plays to your own beat.

7AM: Choose a room-commanding power suit (just follow GQ’s tips for each body type) and remember to add accessories. Cuff links and accent socks go a long way.

8AM: Grab a cup of coffee and get to the office early to crush it.

9:30AM: Client meetings all morning. Although this is run-of-the-mill, don’t forget to brush up on your meeting skills to keep things running smoothly.

12PM: Conduct a meeting with senior management. Just don’t forget the fundamentals of business.

1PM: Lunch with the guys. Get away from the office for a quick bite, a walk, anything to help you clear your mind for an hour or so. Studies show that leaving your cube helps you think outside the box.

2PM: Take a client call and work on proposals and paperwork. This time also usually includes tweeting. That’s right – businessmen tweet, too.

6PM: Happy hour with coworkers and dinner on the town. Swap your office attire for a more casual button-down before heading out (yes, this requires planning ahead). Go for something with a fun, printed cuff to stand out from the sea of suits.

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By Abigail Kuzia, Editor

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January 12, 2013

This time of year is no stranger to jet runways and road trips, so having the perfect travel accessories is a must – and our Tumi Boutique has lots of goods to ensure a smooth ride.

Store all your essentials in a stylish crossbody bag, keep your iPad® scratch-free with a protective case, or pack those tropical getaway outfits in a convenient carry-on (no lost luggage here). Whichever way you travel this holiday, you’re sure to arrive (effortlessly) in style.

Our Tumi Boutique opens Monday, December 3, at 11AM ET.

By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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December 3, 2012

From a gown fit for bouts of snowfall and sunshine to putting off mopping for just a bit longer, here’s a look at all the lovely things I’ll be snapping up off of Rue this week.

1. TUMI rolling duffel. Sure, I’ll miss my old, worn-in duffel bag. What I won’t miss though? The muscle aches that came from lugging said bag around – making this slick little wheeled number a travel dream come true. Our Tumi Luggage & Outerwear Boutique opens Monday, December 3, at 11AM ET. 

2. Andrew Marc coat. Sheen + texture = one sophisticated parka. (How many puffy numbers can make that claim?) Our Andrew Marc Women’s Dresses & Outerwear Boutique opens Monday, December 3, at 11AM ET.

3. Carmen Marc Valvo gown. It’s not often that a super-glam silk gown can hold its own winter through summer. When you stumble across one that does, though, three words: Snap. It. Up. Our Carmen Marc Valvo Boutique opens Sunday, December 2, at 11AM ET.

4. Entryways doormat. Mopping? Admittedly, not one of my strongest suits. With this tough doormat at the threshold of my abode, though, a winter of salty boots will have nothing on the floors. Our A Warm Welcome: Mats for the Front Door Boutique opens Monday, December 3, at 11AM ET. 

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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December 2, 2012