According to Esquire, eBay’s sales numbers suggest hipsterdom is on its way out. Razor sales are up 56% (hipster scruff, be gone). Clear-framed glasses are also seeing a new-found sales increase, in lieu of those thick black rims. And the messenger bag? It’s been replaced by the 90s-inspired leather backpack.

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Image via Esquire

The hipster phenomenon Topman even rocked faded boot-cut denim during its Spring and Summer 2015 runways. That’s quite the opposite of skinny jeans if you ask me. But I’m not totally convinced that eBay’s “evidence” of hipster extinction is exactly that. Perhaps our idea of “hipster” is simply being redefined. Or maybe, just maybe, said hipsters have moved on from online auctions to flash sales… 

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By Natasha Iwanow, Copy Intern

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July 23, 2014


I’ve had my eye on the headpiece trend since it first started popping up this spring, even though as far as I can tell, the last person who successfully pulled one off was Xena Warrior Princess. But this DIY for upcycling old necklaces into your own 100% original headpiece made me think twice – I had to try it firsthand.

The Trick
I learned quickly that styling your hair with a headpiece requires a center part (which, with my straight blonde hair, makes me look unnervingly like Bret Michaels). A great way to soften up this look? Let your hair air dry and use some product for beachy waves. It also helps to tease your crown for a bit of body.

The Wardrobe
Keep it basic – you’re already working a headpiece, don’t get over ambitious. I kept it light and breezy with a tiered ivory chiffon dress, wedges, and a stack of bangles for harborside drinks with friends. As for makeup, go easy on the eyeliner and opt for a pink or nude-colored pout.

By Grace Romanowsky, Staff Writer

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