Fashion Group International Talks Fall Trends


FGI Trend Panel

We may be staring down the barrel of summer (someday? maybe? hopefully?) but it was all about fall at Fashion Group International’s (FGI) recent trend seminar. Held in an auditorium at the Time-Life Building in midtown Manhattan, FGI convened a panel of experts to give audience members the low down on next season’s must-haves.

Following a lengthy slideshow (narrated by FGI’s Marylou Luther) that offered an overview of all the trends seen on the runways of New York, London, Milan and Paris — from the ridiculous (chinstrap hats) to the sublime (python accessories) — the illustrious panel took to the stage. The question of great debate: “If fashion follows revolution, is fashion in revolt?” This query was based in part by what’s going on in the world at large (war in the Middle East, earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes) and by what’s going on within the fashion industry (designers John Galliano and Christophe Decarnin no longer heading the houses of Dior and Balmain, rehabbed models Kate and Naomi reclaiming the spotlight at Louis Vuitton).
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April 21, 2011

NYFW 2011: Trend Alert – Red Hot!


Red Hot

I first spied it at Wes Gordon’s presentation at the St. Regis hotel on Thursday afternoon. Sixty minutes later, it was standing on a podium at Mara Hoffman’s NYFW outing at The Box. Two hours after that, there it was again stalking the runway at Wayne’s show at Milk Studios. It made a brief appearance at the W Hotels Global Glam event at Lincoln Center later that evening, and reappeared yet again at Tess Giberson’s presentation (also at The Box) the following morning.

By the time it showed up on Costello Tagliapietra’s runway Friday afternoon — less than a full day after New York Fashion Week had officially begun — I knew we we’d gone beyond the “three’s a trend” rule and into bona fide fashion phenomenon territory.
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February 24, 2011

NYFW 2011: Trend Alert – The Hemline Index


NYFW: Hemline Index

Okay, so it’s only Day Two of New York Fashion Week, but I’ve noticed an early trend bubbling up (or should I say down): Long skirts. Way long. As in grazing the ankle and maybe, if you’re lucky, rising just high enough to allow for a little glimpse of the lower calf.

Legend has it that women’s hemlines are predictors of the national economy, and as skirt lengths rise, so too, do our financial prospects. Lowered hems, on the other hand, traditionally equate to a sinking economy. I don’t put much stock in the Hemline Index (which was conceived back in the 1920s by the economist George Taylor), but I couldn’t help but notice a common thread among six of the seven women’s collections I’ve seen over the last two days. The aesthetics may have been wildly different from show to show, but they all had one thing in common: skirts that were long, longer, longest.
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February 14, 2011

ELLE: 34 Perfect Tops


ELLE: Perfect Tops

We put a lot of emphasis on the perfect pair of jeans, but it’s what goes on top that makes them an expression of personal style. The range of fashion-forward top options seems to be limitless – change your shirt and you’ve changed your entire look. We sat down with Fashion & Shopping Editor Sydney Wasserman for her expert advice on all things tops.

Rue La La: Okay, we need the inside scoop on flattering tricks! Are there different styles that work best on different body types?
Sydney: I believe women with curves should choose more form-fitting tops instead of trying to hide their shape in baggy styles. A shapeless shirt can make you look larger than you may be. A few more rules of thumb: a button-down top should never be too tight so that the buttons look like they’re about to pop off, and a T-shirt should hit right below the waistband.

Rue La La: We tend to lean towards dresses when going somewhere formal – but what types of tops work best for dressy occasions?
Sydney: The key is wearing fabrics that appear rich – if it’s a print, try well-draped chiffon. And a silk blouse is always right for a dressy occasion.
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January 24, 2011

Style File: How to Master Fall Trends


Style File

Confession: Sometimes we get a glimpse of an upcoming trend and love it in theory (or how it looks on the model coming down the runway) but can’t always pull it off in the morning when it’s time to leave for work. So we turned to Rue La La stylist Maureen for easy styling solutions to this season’s most vexing trends.

The trick to mastering lingerie pieces is making it look like you’re not wearing a nightie in public. A couple of easy options: Wear a lacy camisole top under a blazer, or try a slip dress with opaque tights and a chunky sweater.
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August 13, 2010

Style: Now & Later


Style: Now & Later

As a personal shopper and stylist, it’s no secret that I love fashion. And for me, there’s nothing more exciting than finding that holy grail – something that can seamlessly transition between seasons with a few simple changes. Here are my go-to pieces to buy and wear now – and keep handy for fall.

Wear it now: With denim boyfriend jeans, a tank (I like the look of an army green tank), and an arm of bangles.
Wear later: Keep your summer look, just add a blazer and trade summer bangles for a light scarf instead.
Why I love it: Leopard is everywhere this fall, so adding a touch of the print can instantly update your wardrobe, and with leopard, a little goes a long way.
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July 16, 2010

Rue How-To: Men’s Spring 2010 Fashion Guide

We’re bringing you the freshest ways to wear spring trends. And now it’s the men’s turn. Here’s how to…

Make a T-shirt look unique: “I always look for T-shirts that are a little tighter at the arms. If it bells out at all, I cuff the sleeves to give it a cool 50’s vibe. Try wearing a chain – nothing tacky – never gold. In the winter, I like to layer a longsleeve shirt underneath. You can always wear a vest or blazer over a T to dress it up a bit, or sometimes I even wear a tighter T with suspenders because its fun. Another trick I do is take a wet T shirt, roll it up in a ball, wrap elastics around it and let it dry, so when you put it on it has a cool wrinkled look.” - Evan, Stylist
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February 9, 2010

Rue How-To: Women’s Spring 2010 Fashion Guide

At Rue La La, we live for the new. We blow through stacks of magazines and update our Ooh La La Trends board all the time. Check out how the women of Rue La La are rocking this spring’s most anticipated trends (and come back tomorrow for our men’s How To Guide!). From evening pieces during the day to wearing a spring dress now, we’re breaking it all down. Here’s how to…

Mix patterns: “The most important thing is to have a contrast in scale. Mixing two small ditsy prints won’t work. Break it up with something larger and more open. I like a super feminine print with one that’s more masculine and geometric. Finding a good tag-team is like finding a man. Nothing wrong with trying a few on to see what works!” – Ashley, Designer
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February 8, 2010