On our radar this week? Four bloggers who take on the world – one fashion-savvy step at a time.

Can her job get any cooler? From a photo shoot in Barcelona (rocking leather shorts, we might add) to sightseeing in Berlin, Jessica globetrots radiating we-need-that-now style. And did we mention she’s a Heidi Klum look-alike?

Wearing overalls and carrying a pink box of Voodoo Doughnuts, this blogger makes the seemingly impossible look chic. Plus, we’re about to book at ticket to Portland, Oregon – that food looks amazing.

Comfy-cool. A look we’ve tried to master with our old sweatpants. But this blogger does it effortlessly, and all while she’s in Rabat, Morocco (and wearing a fedora).

An American Girl in Transit
We don’t know what to focus on – the glorious views of the Taj Mahal or this blogger’s amazing blue maxi skirt. Either way, we’re officially envious with a serious case of wanderlust.

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August 8, 2013

Sure, rocking 6-inch heels and skinny jeans on a transatlantic flight sounds all gorgeously A-list. But let’s be honest, it isn’t realistic (or comfortable, for that matter). Instead, pick an outfit that’s suitable for both the airport and the final destination. These tips make jet-setting style a breeze.


Get upgraded
You may be traveling before the sun wakes up, but here’s a reason to avoid looking like it. According to lifestyle blog GOOP, flight staff are instructed to seek out well-dressed passengers for potential upgrade candidates. (Who would pass up the opportunity to have complimentary champagne or treats?) Avoid the sloppy look of your worn-out yoga pants and opt for a structured legging. You’ll be comfy, but still polished.

Layer, layer, layer
No matter what the temp is outside of those airplane windows, we all know that airlines love to blast that A/C. So layer a simple fitted tank or tee with a zip-up jacket. Tip: Pick one with lots of pockets. Ever wonder where to stick your ID and credit card in the hectic mess of a security line? There’s your solution.

Choose extra legroom
No need to secretly unbutton those super-tight skinnies when you’re safe in your seat. Wear bottoms that you can move in – aim for a wide-leg pant or a breezy maxi skirt. The more you can move, the less constricted you’ll feel when you’re cooped up next to your new neighbor. Plus, a cozy maxi is a far more attractive choice to curl up in than those go-to sweats.

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By Alexandra Tighe, Staff Writer

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July 19, 2013