Mobile Apps

Here at Rue, we’re just a little bit attached to our smartphones – how else can you check your work email while simultaneously ordering lunch and taking pics of your coworker’s puppy, after all?

And the best part of these devices? Their oh-so-customizable nature. So, I polled our office to figure out which apps people love. Check out our very favorites:

Camera Plus“It amps up the camera that is already on my iPhone. It takes amazing pictures, has a precise focus, and there different edits that you can make to it…. Before exporting it to Instagram, obviously.” – Sarah, Jr. Designer “This app gives the best time to dash to the bathroom mid-movie — and then gives a synopsis of what was missed. So long to regrets about that large, pre-flick smoothie!” – Cassandra, Lead Copy Director

OpenTable: “Making a reservation five minutes before dining just to get my OpenTable points? Guilty. (You get $20 when you reach 2,000!)” – Joanna, Editor

Fooducate: “For anyone health-minded, this is a super interesting app. You can scan the barcode of your favorite foods, and it’ll tell you what’s really in those ingredients. It definitely makes you double-check food labels!” – Melissa, Copywriter

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February 4, 2013