Turkey. Pumpkin pie. Football. The ultimate lounge day is almost here. And if there’s one thing you should take into consideration when dressing for Thanksgiving, it’s comfort.

In an effort to still look presentable for the extended fam you only see a few times a year, sweatpants are off the table. But luckily, Rue stylist Chrissy B. chose an outfit and did all the styling work for you.

Guys' Thanksgiving Style

Photographer: Darren Setlow

“Go for classic denim, a relaxed button-front (to hide a full belly), and comfy yet refined chukka boots,” Chrissy recommended. “Tie the whole thing together with a canvas or leather belt so your mom will think you look finished.”

Copying her outfit pick verbatim is totally acceptable. We won’t say a word.

By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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November 20, 2013