We’re taking it back. Way back (some farther than others) to when our Starbucks lattes were sippy cups of milk, and story time was as hyped as happy hour. In honor of these diaper days, we took to the twittersphere and poked around the office to find out what our Members and colleagues were reading back when they were just little Rue-bies – and we’d love to hear your faves, too.

Rachel S., Copy Director
“I love Different Like Coco – it’s the story of Coco Chanel, with great illustrations, and an amazing lesson about being your own person, having confidence, and overcoming tough circumstances.”

Cheryl K., EVP Chief Member Advocate
“As a little girl, I loved the Madeline book.”

Graham K., Art Director
“My favorite book was Quick as a Cricket by Audrey Wood. It was all about individuality and feeling good about oneself. It follows a little boy (that I always thought was me) alongside a bunch of animals. My mom would read each page and act out the animals. She’d bellow: ‘I’m as large as a whale’ and in a high, squeaky voice she’d shout: ‘I’m as small as an ant.’ It always made me laugh.”
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August 29, 2011

We love packing our beach bags with cheap novels, stacks of magazines, and the literary gems we’ve been meaning to finish. We checked in with some of our favorite designers, bloggers, and style authorities to see what they’ll be toting to the shore this summer to get some inspiration for passing along. Our personal reading recommendation:

1. Pick your own favorite summer reads (or take a suggestion from below!).
2. Print out bookmarks for all your friends.
3. Tuck a bookmark into every beach read you pass along this summer.

Who: Ben Busko, of Ben’s Garden
What: The Balthazar Cookbook by Keith McNally, Rainmaking Conversations by Mike Schultz, and House Beautiful and Martha Stewart magazines
Why: “My summer reading plans will be sure to include late afternoons by the oceanside, hopefully sipping mojitos, and listening to the whisper of the ocean as I dive into my latest favorites. To keep on point at work my Ben’s Garden employee book club is reading, chapter by chapter, Rainmaking Conversations; I enjoy discussing points of interest with everyone every Monday. Somewhere in my beach bag, and before the sun sets I would also be sure to get to my essential magazine reads.”
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July 1, 2011

Olivia Chantecaille

Olivia Chantecaille and I go way back, having first met six or seven years ago when I interviewed the striking beauty guru for a shopping column I used to write for Fashion Wire Daily.

So I was delighted when she recently invited me to Chantecaille’s newly revamped Soho office for a sneak peek at their new collections and the skinny on her not-so-average workday. (Chantecaille was founded by Olivia’s mother, Sylvie, in 1997 – her father, Olivier, and sister Alex now work for the company, as well.)

“Every day is so different, which is the fun part of my job,” Olivia told me as we sat in a corner of the loft-like whitewashed space in front of a display of Chantecaille cosmetics, all of which I was dying to play with. “I wear so many hats. For example, tomorrow I’m going to one of our labs to work on our new spring colors for 2012, which is very exciting. They’re actually a lab based in Italy, outside of Milan, but they have a satellite lab here [in upstate New York] where we can go and mix colors that they’ll produce in Italy. It’s a great, fun place to work with the technicians and be very creative and come up with all the new shades that were inspired by the current fashion trends.”
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July 1, 2011

This summer, we’ve got big beach-bound ambitions, so we’re taking a cue from this destination-driven guide in order to swimsuit ourselves in coast-to-coast style.

Four Suits, Four Beaches

Our A Splash of Chic: Swimsuits & Cover-Ups for Poolside Boutique opens Saturday, June 18, 2011 at 11AM ET.

June 18, 2011



This summer, our favorite preppy pattern is making some serious headlines with a look that’s equal parts baguette-in-bicycle-basket Parisian and catamaran-in-waters-of-Newport nautical. Rue Stylist Evan works his magic by repurposing this once-casual number threefold: for a sidecar at the speakeasy, a presentation at the office, and a weekend whisk-away to the beach.

1. We believe in neon at night. When heading out on the town, a bold, bright top completely carries a look of basic black. Opt for strappy heels, cropped pants, and a dangling gold necklace to play off the top’s relaxed feel.

2. We believe lots of accessories can still look polished. The tailored blazer and sleek white denim perfectly tame the bright stripes, billowy scarf, and beachy wedges, making the ultimate office-to-drinks ensemble.

3. We believe high-contrast colors are easily wearable. Warm, saturated yellow is such an interesting and chic complement to the cool oceanic hue. Layered and effortless, this is the perfect day-at-the-yacht-club look.

P.S. – A styling tip: When mixing any patterns, select prints in different sizes to keep it chic.

June 10, 2011


Robinson's Prime Reserve

We love gathering a few friends in the summer for impromptu get-togethers outside. Set the scene with rustic silver buckets filled with wild flowers, twinkling tea lights on banisters and tables, and platters overflowing with fresh fruit for a little something sweet after the barbeque. For the must-try main course, we turned to the grilling experts at Robinson’s Prime Reserve and the culinary mastermind Samuel Adams Chef David Burke. Fire up the grill for this three-part recipe and serve with ice-cold lemonade and Sam Adams, of course (fresh sliced lemons are a must).

Download the recipes (or view all on the next page)
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June 8, 2011


three dots

Normally, beach shifts are relegated to weekends on the sand, waiting in line at the boardwalk snack bar, or sipping mai tais seaside. However, with the expert styling of Rue La La stylist Maureen, this Three Dots vintage voile boatneck tunic has traded in its sea legs (at least in part) to become one of our favorite looks for out on the town as well.

1. We believe that the night is still young. Wear the tunic out, with the sash tied in a loose knot at the side, partner with dark rinse jeggings, a long gold necklace with matching bangles, and your most leggy black heels.

2. We believe that the words “beach bum” are not an excuse for summer slacking. Wear this tunic as a dress, pair with a berry-hued straw bag, flat leather sandals, a lavender floppy sunhat, and of course, shades.

3. We believe that for a better view (and loftier sense of style), heels can do the trick for outdoor music festivals. Team with a teal pocketed skirt, tall metallic sandals, and wear this tunic tucked.

Now it’s your turn to play stylist – how would you style this floral number?

Our Three Dots Boutique opens Tuesday, April 12, 2011 at 11AM ET.

April 13, 2011


William Rast

There’s nothing quite like a late summer concert. The days are still long, the air still warm, and the amplifiers still cranked to 11. Whether you’re hitting up a free show on the Brooklyn waterfront or taking in a set at The Fillmore, we believe in looking backstage fresh. Who knows, you might be called on stage for a guest appearance.

Luckily, the solution to the concert fashion quandary is a quick fix. We’re loving the rocker appeal of William Rast, the clothing company founded by Justin Timberlake and Tracy Ayala. This is the look of the world-tour, lifestyle-premium denim (that looks better unwashed, after several consecutive days of wear), tailored leather jackets (preferably in the iconic black of the Ramones), and essential graphic Ts. Of all pieces, the graphic T is most emblematic of the anti-hero vibe that comes from being under the bright lights and elusively answering questions from interviewers. It has sass and attitude, and is not afraid of being in your face. It is the definition of swagger.
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August 19, 2010


Local Style: Andrew Ward

You heard it here first: Style is alive and well in Boston’s clubby, white-shoe financial world, and we’ve met a man who proves it. In a city that some would say “plays it safe” when it comes to fashion, it was refreshing to find someone who isn’t afraid to push the envelope. Here, our favorite financial planner dishes on his style dos and don’ts.

Rue La La: You work in a very conservative town in an uber conservative profession – how do you incorporate some risks into your style?
Andrew: I wear pocket squares that match my ties, I incorporate a ton of pink, and I also wear argyle or colored socks that work with my tie’s color scheme.
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July 23, 2010


Style: Now & Later

As a personal shopper and stylist, it’s no secret that I love fashion. And for me, there’s nothing more exciting than finding that holy grail – something that can seamlessly transition between seasons with a few simple changes. Here are my go-to pieces to buy and wear now – and keep handy for fall.

Wear it now: With denim boyfriend jeans, a tank (I like the look of an army green tank), and an arm of bangles.
Wear later: Keep your summer look, just add a blazer and trade summer bangles for a light scarf instead.
Why I love it: Leopard is everywhere this fall, so adding a touch of the print can instantly update your wardrobe, and with leopard, a little goes a long way.
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July 16, 2010