Split into three aesthetic categories – Relaxed, Refined, and Romantic – our Rue Project: The Master Suite Re-Do Boutique packs every last detail you need to kick that bed and bath up into Master Suite status. Sort of like a Choose Your Own Adventure book – just way better.

For the Refined suite: Keep hues classically understated (like this cream throw and bedding). Structure is also crucial in achieving a more tailored look; this angular lamp adds a perfect touch of polish.

For the Relaxed suite: Here, comfort is key. Paired with low-key bedding, this blue rug keeps things easy-breezy casual. And to drive the point home? Slip into a blissfully soft terry robe.

For the Romantic suite. With slightly darker hues (like camel-colored bedding), a smattering of ornate details (like this artfully carved bench), and ethereal window panels (to render any ray of sunlight a soft, golden glow), the mood is most definitely set.

Our Rue Project: The Master Suite Re-Do Boutique opens Tuesday, October 16, at 3PM ET.

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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October 16, 2012