Company holiday parties can be notorious for bringing out employees’ wilder sides, from tabletop dance-offs to cube-mate crush confessions. (Cue that awkward Monday meeting.) But of all the hijinks bound to go down, indecent exposure is one office-party sin you just don’t want to commit. Think ahead if you plan to wear a dress with skinny straps. The last thing you want is for a harmless round of “YMCA” to turn into a dance of shame.

Fixing Broken Dress Straps

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December 9, 2013

Between the puffer coats, corduroys, jeans, and skirts you’re rocking this season, zippers likely rule your wardrobe. So, what to do when the one on your coat breaks outside in a blizzard, or your favorite skinnies’ zipper refuses to move while you’re at work?

How to Fix a Broken Zipper

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December 2, 2013