Few things are more flattering than being invited into a friend’s cozy home for a holiday dinner party – it’s an indication that they think you’re worth all the requisite hours of planning, prepping, and, let’s face it, stressing. So, imagine the horror of eagerly scooting your chair up to the dinner table only to have your glass of Cabernet wobble on its base and spill onto your host’s treasured tablecloth.

Short of pulling the linens out from under your fellow diners, there’s not much you can do to fully treat the trouble spot right away. But don’t slink under the table just yet. Help is on the way, and you can likely find it right in your host’s pantry.


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November 18, 2013

Overdo it while trying out the vampy look? Get a little too excited dressing up for Halloween? However it got there, that smudge of black lipstick on your crisp white top is a total horror. Especially since most lipsticks are made from wax, oil, and pigment – which means you’re actually dealing with three stains instead of one.

But with a little fast action, you can get that bright white back to its pretty, pristine self. (And, fret not: these tips apply regardless of what color lipstick we’re talking.)

How to Get Black Lipstick Out of a White Shirt

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October 21, 2013