Monday’s tomorrow. Le sigh. Which means, newsflash: you should probably get some sleep.

No? A few more things to check off that to-do list? Well, according to this infographic from ELLE, your beauty, health – and yes, even potentially your sanity – are at stake here.

When you get less than seven hours of sleep, you risk slowing down your metabolism (and the resulting weight gain), decreased short-term memory, and, in the long term, cardiovascular disease. With every hour less than the minimum that you get, your risk increases.

So how about you turn off that iPad® for now, warm up some milk, and cozy into bed with a really bad book, okay?

See the full infographic on ELLE.

By Joanna Berliner, Editor

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November 10, 2013

It’s always something of miracle when new parents are lucky enough to share (in hushed, grateful tones) that their baby is a “good sleeper.” You know, they’re those happy babies whose well-rested parents have hobbies and active social lives.

Can you imagine? (You’re tired, so we’ll answer for you: no.)

The key to joining the ranks of the refreshed, it seems, lies in a teddy bear. One with enough features to rival the latest turnout from Apple. Enter: The Original Slumber Bear. What separates this bear from the sleuth (which is apparently what you call a group of bears)? Read on to find out.


1. Invented by a doctor – so you know it’s legit – this bear contains an actual intrauterine recording that helps recreate the experience of being in the womb and lulls baby to sleep within minutes. Consider fussy newborns fussy no more.

2. If baby cries or jostles the bear, sound and motion sensors reactivate the recording to renew that sense of calm. No midnight sprints to the crib, vocal warmups, or made-up lullaby lyrics necessary.

3. The audio box with that calming recording? It’s removable. Hook and loop straps make it easy to attach to crib rails, strollers, car seats (if strapping baby in and driving around the block is a pre-nap ritual), and more.

4. Like other teddy bears, this one’s made for nuzzling. The soft Silkie it comes wrapped in calls for a lot of cuddle time. But the Silkie also serves as a bonding tool – if Mom keeps the blanket close and transfers her scent to it, baby has another reason to never let go.

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By Chrissy Makkas, Staff Writer

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July 8, 2013

Tips for the Dreamiest Sleep

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April 12, 2013