That blemish didn’t pop up for fun. Your skin is trying to tell you something. And according to ancient Chinese medicine, face mapping can help you determine what’s actually causing those pesky pimples.

Face Mapping

1. Breakout Area: Forehead
What needs a little ♥: Liver & Gallbladder
Press pause on the junk food. Give your body a little TLC by drinking lots of water and eating raw veggies.

2. Breakout Area: Between the Brows
What needs a little ♥:
Stomach & Liver
The solution for that third eye? Stop stressing out your digestive organs. Do some calming exercises, like yoga. Then take a probiotic and get some sleep.

3. Breakout Area: Temples & Brow Line
What needs a little ♥:
You’re dehydrated and your kidneys need a little R&R. Blemishes can be caused by excessive fat consumption. Eat some kale and berries for a quick fix.

4. Breakout Area: Middle Cheek
What needs a little ♥:
Stomach & Lungs
If you’re experiencing a mid-face flare-up, avoid common triggers such as corn, soy, wheat, alcohol, and sugar.

5. Breakout Area: Mouth & Chin
What needs a little ♥:
You probably break out here the most during the holidays, when you’ve had a little too much fun. Trade glasses of wine for green smoothies.

6. Breakout Area: Jawline
What needs a little ♥: Ovaries
It’s that time of the month. Combat trouble spots with Omega 3-6-9 tablets to balance hormones. Next week will come soon enough.

By Carolyn Bothwell, Staff Writer

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September 7, 2015

How to Determine Your Skin Type

Determining your skin type isn’t something that comes easily. How do you know if your complexion is oily, dry/sensitive, normal, or a mix of everything? Chances are, you’re miscasting your own personal skin type. Read up on these skin classifications (and take this quiz) to figure out where your skin falls, once and for all.

Your face looks and feels oily, mainly on your chin, nose, and forehead. You notice a shiny complexion right when you wake up and in the afternoons (when oil production is at its peak, according to Women’s Health magazine). You also have larger pores, which makes you more prone to acne.

Real Simple states that moisturizing is key for oily skin types (contrary to popular belief) because it keeps your skin from overproducing oil. Elle UK recommends oil-free moisturizer: slather it on at night, then use one with SPF in the morning before applying makeup. They also recommend cleansing your face with a creamy cleanser (to eliminate excess oil buildup) and keeping your pores clear by using products with salicylic acid.

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January 29, 2013