We’re beyond excited to introduce this new feature to our Members. Since we know what it’s like to miss out on something you have to have, we’ve come up with a way to try to get it for you – if you still want it.

Now how exactly does it work? Say there’s an item you love, but it sells out. With Still Want It, you’ll be able to tell us just what you’re looking for, and if we can get it for you, we’ll charge your credit card and send it.

Being able to give our Members more of what they want is always first on our list. So look for our new feature on most of our product pages. And don’t forget to take advantage of all the other ways we’ve made getting what you want even easier:
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July 21, 2011


Meet Maria Gangemi, Director of Brand Management of Accessories and Footwear at Rue La La. A seasoned buyer whose taste level is through the roof, Maria speaks softly and carries a big sense of style. She can spy multi-ply cashmere from 100 yards. She knows every trend before it’s even a trend. She can pack in five minutes to go anywhere in the world and find the hottest thing out there with two hands tied behind her back.

Rue La La: When you go to say, Milan, what are you looking for?
Gangemi: Usually in Milan we’re looking at handbags and shoes. You look for freshness. Who looks good. What’s new, something we don’t have. You look at creativity. Shapes. Ornamentation. Things that look handcrafted. Materials that are special and unique.
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February 19, 2010