Finding a place for all of our shoes? So hard.

Below, heaps of shoe-rganization inspiration from this week’s blogger roundup.

lovely #lohas
Apparently magazine files are useful for more than our aggressive Us Weekly collection.

Truth: Colorblocked wedges are the new bookends.

Live Simply by Annie
An ottoman that functions solely as an ottoman? Never.

Song of Style
If all else fails, pile them into the bathtub.

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August 1, 2013

Associate Editor Dhani Mau of Fashionista, on dreading the day her new shoes become old:

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June 28, 2013

Fashion is a form of self-expression. So, naturally, the pieces we pick often speak to our likes, loves, and personalities in one way or another. There may be nothing more telling, though, than a pair of shoes. Here’s a look at what your go-to kicks may be telling the world about you.


1. Resort-Hopper: Espadrilles are the go-to vacation shoe. When you slip on a pair with your flowing maxi dress, you’re projecting your passion for jet-setting. You’ve always got that next trip on the calendar.

2. On-the-Go: Comfy shoes are a must for multitasking types who never stop moving. You’re ready to break into the chicest of sprints (even while wearing cuffed jeans and a crisp tee) at a moment’s notice. But only if necessary.

3. Boho: You’re a free spirit who’s always aiming to get back to nature in any way possible. Barefoot would be your preferred mode, but flat, strappy sandals make for a more-than-adequate compromise when you’re wearing your peasant top and denim cutoffs.

4. Femme Fatale: You’re aware of your charms and always step out in heightening, stem-lengthening, curve-enhancing heels. Those skinny jeans, pencil skirts, and party dresses just wouldn’t be complete without them. You’re a heartbreaker – and everyone knows it.

Our OMG. So. Many. Shoes. Boutique opens Tuesday, June 11, at 11AM ET.

By Chrissy Makkas, Staff Writer

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June 11, 2013

I love a good pump. But deciding which style – and complementary shape – will complete my look from head to toe? Easier said than done. The shape that you select adds personality to any outfit, and here at Rue we always try to put our best foot forward, so choosing a pointed-toe or round-toe pump is no simple task. Below, a guide to both.


The Pointed Toe
The pointed toe is more fashionable than practical, but we all know that good girls finish last. Command respect and exude confidence in the office by pairing with a pencil skirt. For a night on the town, I like to balance the look of my modern leather pants with this classic style.

This look works especially well with a colorful cap-toe. The splash of color serves almost as an accessory, adding unexpected pop. For those with larger feet, this trend can still work. Just opt for a flared jean and remember to leave some room in the toe – going smaller is not a comfortable experience.


The Round Toe
Also known as the almond-shaped toe, this style conveys dependability. If comfort is your main priority, the rounded toe that typically adorns the platform stiletto will bring you to new heights. Paired with a trusty sheath dress or casual pant, this shoe rounds out your look.

There are really no rules for the round toe, as this is the most classic of styles. This shape is flattering for larger feet, making them appear much more compact. Just be careful with loose-fitting slacks – the toe can get lost when your pant leg is too baggy. Skinny jeans or fitted pants – and, of course, skirts – are the best way to go.

By Jillian Hudon, Staff Writer

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February 18, 2013

Despite those beyond-appreciated Christmas checks (Nana – I owe you one), a holiday season’s worth of shopping naturally left my finances in a not-so-glamorous place. But sticking to a shiny new budget doesn’t have to mean sacrificing style – especially when it comes to the shoe rack. Behold: Our Joy Under $100: Shoes by Price Boutique.

Rejoice: Shoes for Every Budget

Our Joy Under $100: Shoes by Price Boutique opens Tuesday, January 8, at 11AM ET.

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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January 8, 2013

BLG 1147 Boutique Support-Perfectly Paired

Sometimes an outfit change can be as simple as swapping out the accessories. Starting from the ground up, shoes are the perfect switch to take your favorite dress from the office to dinner or drinks in a snap.

For Party Season
Shiny, metallic, and strappy, these open-toe sandals transform a sheath into a dance-all-night number. All that’s left? Swiping on some lipstick.

For Springtime Dinners
There’s no doubt that warm weather is on the mind, and these architectural sandals are perfect for transitioning winter dresses into spring-ready outfits (or packing for that tropical getaway).

For the Office
You may not be able to get too wild with the accessories at work, but these tasteful, red pumps add just the right amount of oomph (and personality) to that 9-to-5 uniform.

Our  Perfectly Paired: Party Dresses & Flashy Pumps Boutique opens Sunday, December 30, at 11AM ET.

By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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December 30, 2012

While a shoe addiction obviously needs zero justification, sometimes those not-totally-mainstream heels do – when worn during certain occasions.

And who is well-versed in operating outside the norm? None other than Betsey Johnson, of course. Using her sky-high stunners as guides (all plucked from our Betsey Johnson Boutique), here are three different ways to walk on the edge of the unexpected – while staying completely dress code–friendly.


Dominating the workplace. As long as that clean, classic shape is in place, you’re good. (So go wild with the color.)

Fulfilling that wedding invite. From barn venues to black ties, a super-femme, architectural heel like this one will always fit in.

Tickets to The NutcrackerMetalheads, rejoice: Spikey studs totally count as festive attire.

Our Betsey Johnson Boutique opens Tuesday, November 27, at 11AM ET.

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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November 27, 2012

It’s no surprise that this time of year brings its fair share of holiday parties and events. From picking out the perfect tree to dancing the night away, a necessary shoe stock-up is in store. Thankfully, our Charles David Boutique has every soiree covered.

For holiday dinner.
Although a full-on red dress may be a little too festive for your family dinner, these fiery T-strap sandals add just enough merriment to any tried-and-true LBD or sweater dress.

For picking out the tree.
Decidedly the most fun day of the season? Picking out a perfectly shaped evergreen. Slip on a pair of stylish flat-bottom boots for a picture-perfect tree-chopping look – even if you’re more of the observing type.

For the festive party.
The holidays are the perfect time to go totally glam, so why not start from the ground up? Equal parts glittery and strappy, these sandals will up the ante on any party frock.

Our Charles David Boutique opens Monday, November 12, at 11AM ET.

By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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November 12, 2012



Let’s be honest. Not only do square-toed shoes look funny, but they’re also a bit dated (and don’t plan on them coming back anytime soon). Instead, steer clear of this type of short-lived trend and choose a couple of pairs of classic lace-ups, like an Oxford or desert boot for every day and a brogue for those occasions that call for a little something extra.


  • Brown leather or suede is the best neutral to start off your collection.
  • Try a rich chestnut as well as a lighter brown to add variety.
  • Pair with all shades of denim and pants – these are versatile and go with almost anything.


By Christine Mitchell, Staff Writer 

What are your menswear tips? Share them in the comments below or tweet us @ruelala.

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October 16, 2012

Today, in my usual morning flurry, I reached for my (very) predictable heels and noticed a sizeable tear in the leather (curse you, wide feet). It then occured to me: my beloved black pumps are beaten to a pulp from overwear, while my collection of purple heels sits sadly in my closet. Needless to say, it was an ah-ha moment. From neons to crayon hues, color is everywhere this summer, and it’s officially time to mix it up. Using these tips, I’ll show my purple shoe stash some love, without looking like I got a little too crazy with the finger paints.

1. Pop of color:
In the summer it’s so easy to throw on a little white or black sundress with sandals and go. Choosing a color-pop sandal breaks up the monochrome with a shot of fun. Same rule applies to any neutral outfit, wearing jeans and a tee? Throw on a red heel. Done.

2. Matchy-Matchy:
This takes the above tip a little further. Don’t stop with the bold shoes, add some accessories, jewelry, a lightweight cardigan, or even a boyfriend blazer in the same eye-popping hue. Or, if you’re wearing a colorful print, pick one of the accent shades and repeat it on your shoes. Shoes in a print? Pull out one of the colors and wear it on top.

3. Colorblock:
I’ll admit, this is my favorite. Too timid to try kelly green jeans with a sky blue top? Shoes are the perfect way to embrace this look. Try a hue that complements your outfit, but doesn’t necessarily match it. For inspiration, check out these unexpected color combinations.

By Sam Dulac, Senior Staff Writer

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July 31, 2012