St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, which in my book means one thing: It’s high time to start transitioning into springwear. But with temps still in the (insurmountably depressing) 30s here in Boston, that’s easier said than done. So let’s ease into spring slowly, shall we? First up: Taking those peep-toes out from the back of the closet.

Below, five things to know about this open-toed standby, just in time for the cusp of spring.


5 Peep-Toe Rules

By Joanna Berliner, Editor

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March 18, 2013

Winter Sale

Seasonal shopping has its inherent risks. Once winter ends, it’s time to put away those cold-weather staples, right? Actually, wrong. Instead of stashing those winter favorites, challenge yourself with new ways to wear them as temps rise. Just think:

That open-front cardigan you paired with long sleeves all winter? It will look stellar over a belted sundress.

Booties can totally make the seasonal transition, especially if they’re neutral. All it takes is pairing them with the right ensemble.

A bright and colorful scarf makes a great belt. There are also approximately a million (well, almost) other ways to tie a scarf – no cold weather required.

You never need to retire cashmere. That’s just a given.

And lastly, don’t rush to abandon those ski jackets – they’ll still be handy come April showers. Just remove the insulated lining and voilà – instant waterproof shell.

Our Goodbye Winter, Hello Sale Boutiques are open now, but only for a short time longer.

By Anna Kuchinsky, Staff Writer

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February 2, 2013