Temps are dropping and it’s time to swap out those summer sheets. We have the scoop on the cold season’s two top picks.


This fall, no more socks in bed to keep warm. That’s what flannel is for. This cool-weather favorite’s snug softness comes from loosely woven threads that are brushed on both sides. Poor insulation? Prefer cozy to crisp? Choose flannel. It requires no warming up. Crawl right in.

Cotton fabric can seemingly do it all, but keeping it wrinkle-free is anything but easy. Enter: synthetics. Woven with polyester, sheets effortlessly stay smooth (hello, 5-star-hotel aesthetic) without sacrificing warmth. So, even on chilly nights, your bed will be crisp, cool, finely pressed – and super cozy.

The Fall Sheet Turnover: Flannel, Sateen, & More Boutique opens Wednesday, September 18, at 3PM ET.

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September 18, 2013

Get the (cozy) lowdown on these covetable woven fibers. Then when the time comes to switch out those summer sheets, you’ll know just what to look for.


A plain-weave fabric (one thread over, one thread under), percale feels identical on either side and is both firm and smooth with no gloss. It is medium weight and has a thread count of 200 or higher. The tight weave allows for durability, so it can withstand washing and resist warping. The favored fiber for percale? Cotton – it’s breathable, cool, and crisp for warm or transitional months.

A fabric with a sateen weave has the luster and softness of satin, but is made from cotton instead of silk. The advantage? Sateen feels luxurious, without the price tag or laborious cleaning process of its sister fiber. Try it out when the temps drop. It’s breathable, but also insulating – warming with your body temperature faster than percale.

Our Sheets 101: Wrinkle-Resistant, Percale, & Sateen Boutique opens Monday, August 12, at 11AM ET.

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August 12, 2013