Selecting a rug to match your aesthetic is tough enough. So, we made it easier to get the whole sizing thing down pat. Use our guide below for effortless style underfoot, no matter the space.

Rugs by Size

Rug Size: 5′ X 8′
Room Size: At least 7′ X 10′
Having couches or chairs atop this small rug will only crowd a space. Unless it’s outfitting a cozy corner, like a reader nook or a kid’s bathroom, place furniture on the bare floor and let this rug steal the spotlight.

Rug Size: 8′ X 10′
Room Size: At least 10′ X 12′
You don’t want guests tipping over, so make sure dining chairs can pull out without slipping off the rug’s edge. In family rooms, place furniture’s front two legs on the rug and back two on the floor.

Rug Size: 9′ X 12′
Room Size: At least 11′ X 14′
Larger rugs make rooms appear bigger. Place furniture completely on the carpet with 12 to 18 inches of exposed floor between the rug’s edge and the wall.

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By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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October 25, 2013

Congratulations, master rug shopper! You finally found a plush piece practically made for your room. And if you care for it right, it’ll be around for the long term (looking just as nice as it does now). Here’s how:

Maintaining Is Caring

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July 11, 2013