Rue Chicago

The style just keeps coming, and this time it comes to our latest Rue Local hotspot: Chicago. In honor of Rue Chicago’s much-anticipated recent launch, we chatted with Director of Brand Partnerships Rick Patrone to get his insider take on the city’s super-friendly inhabitants, where to get the very best deep dish pizza, and which side of the baseball line he falls on.

Rue La La: As the most populous Midwestern city, how would you describe Chicago’s personality?
Rick: I hear this all the time, “Chicagoans are so open, friendly, and nice.” It’s unexpected from a big city, but don’t get me wrong, we can be tough – just go to any White Sox game to hear the South Siders rant.

Rue La La: What about its style personality?
Rick: Chicago is more fashion than fad. We are hip, cool, and stylish. Many out-of-towners who come here and take a walk down Oak & Rush see some of the most glam folks in the city. They’re surprised. Yes, we have our own attitudes, traditions, and values, but we certainly keep up with the latest and greatest trends.
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August 18, 2011

Rue Miami

Ocean views. Endless palms. Sultry everything. Rue Miami is here, giving you insider access to the best local spots in the city. To celebrate our Miami debut, we sat down with Kristin Catasso, Director of Brand Partnerships for Rue Miami, to talk all-out shopping crawls, Marilyn Monroe’s Miami cameo, and what to do when the spring breakers flood into town.

Rue La La: Everyone knows that Miami’s style is distinct. How would you describe it?
Kristin: Lots of vibrant colors. Plus, open-toe shoes and white all year long, because you can.

Rue La La: Which five stores are essential for an all-out Miami shopping crawl?
Kristin: The Webster, where you can sip champagne or wine while shopping, the Bal Harbour shops for those high-end European designers, Big Drop for the haute hippie look, Brown’s Apothecary for skin and hair products (you can also get a great mani/pedi there), or do it up big at the internationally-known Aventura Mall.
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August 9, 2011

Rue San Francisco

We’re ushering in more and more local style across the country, and this time we’re honing in on the Bay Area. Rue San Francisco has arrived, giving you insider access to all the best local spots in the city. To celebrate San Francisco’s debut, we sat down with Director of Brand Partnerships, Heather Hartle, to talk about the city’s stellar boutiques, navigating the hills, and what to do when the fog rolls out.

Rue La La: Every city has its own fashion personality. What defines San Francisco style?
Heather: People love to say that San Francisco doesn’t have a distinct fashion style. My take on that sentiment is that because San Francisco has always been home to and prides itself on its entrepreneurs, free thinkers, and independents, it fails to fall into a set style persona. And that is a good thing. We’ve got everything from the preppy Marina girls and Mission hipsters to the tech geeks and ladies who lunch. I think of San Francisco style much like I do the people who wear it: varied and independent, with a strong sense of self.
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August 3, 2011

Rue Washington D.C.

Say hello to a little more style on the Hill. Rue Washington DC is (officially) here, giving you access to the District’s “must” list. In honor of our debut in the nation’s capital, we sat down with our ever-so-chic D.C. Director of Brand Partnerships (and British transplant) Susan Nixon, to talk D.C.’s varied style transformation, what to wear to an interview on Capitol Hill, where to get the best margaritas in town, and the night she met the President.

Rue La La: Describe D.C.’s style.
Susan: Eclectic. The city is made up of people from all over the world – I’m a transplant myself. There truly is no single style that represents this powerful city, but one style twist over the recent years has been the evolution of the “power dress” in the corporate and political worlds of Washington. Women have shifted from pantsuits to wearing fashion-forward clothing with fabulous shoes and great bags. I love where D.C.’s fashion is right now.

Rue La La: You’ve lived in D.C. for 28 years – what inspires your personal style?
Susan: My fashion style is usually influenced by my mood, but also by my lifestyle. I’m an equestrian, so I’m drawn to tailored, equestrian-inspired jackets and boots.

Rue La La: What’s on your fall shopping list and where in town will you be searching for it?
Susan: Rich-colored cashmere sweaters and leather boots are a must for fall in D.C. I typically start my search on the streets of Georgetown, where I invariably find something at Wink and Hu’s Shoes. Then, of course, there are the shopping meccas at Chevy Chase and the Galleria in Tyson’s Corner.
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July 29, 2011

Rue Los Angeles

The City of Angels just got even more chic. Rue Los Angeles is (officially) here and giving you access to Los Angeles’s hotspots, must-sees, and can’t-live-withouts. In honor of our California debut, we sat down with our very fashionable L.A. General Manager, Tova Bonem, to chat about local vintage treasures, the five stores every style-setter has to visit, and what she’s doing when the 405 shuts down.

Rue La La: Describe L.A.’s style.
Tova: Casual chic that defies the mundane. Personal style that combines femininity with a splash of youth. No set formula.

Rue La La: L.A. is known for its legions of sartorial masters. Any tricks for navigating the stands at the famed summer fleas (Rose Bowl in Pasadena or Long Beach’s antique market)?
Tova: Plan to get there early and be discerning, but have an open mind – the treasure you’ll find may be not the one you were looking for.
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July 14, 2011


Local Style

Jimmy Contreras is a force to be reckoned with in the Philadelphia fashion scene. Working as a stylist, blogger, boutique creative director, and all around man-about-town, Jimmy has learned a few tricks to flawless style. Here, he shares his style secrets and gives us a taste of Philly flavor.

Rue La La: You’re known as a Philly stylemaker and style-watcher. Walk us through a normal day in the life of Jimmy Contreras.
Jimmy: A day can start relaxing with Starbucks or an early morning television fashion segment. Then client meetings, a photo shoot, quick lunch, styling clients, happy hour, drinks and dinner, and a fabulous evening event. Then click repeat!

Rue La La: If you didn’t live in Philly, where would you live and why?
Jimmy: I would live in Boston. Boston is so regal. Growing up as a child in Idaho, I dreamed of living in the neighborhood where Rocky ran through the streets in Philly, or walking through the snow on Beacon Hill in Boston.
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April 15, 2011


By planes, trains, and automobiles — letting a kid pack a bag helps keep a trip fun (and a parent sane). Here’s a list of what’s in our kids’ bag, verified by one staffer’s 8-year-old for complete authenticity.

"What's In My Bag"

Once the bag is packed, visit the following Rue Local Picks for hands-on, family adventures (where adults can have fun, too):

Our Tiny Prints Boutique will open at 11AM ET on April 11, 2011.
Harvard Museum of Natural History launches on Rue Boston at 8AM ET on April 11, 2011.
Please Touch Museum launches on Rue Philadelphia at 8AM ET on April 11, 2011.
Yuen Lui Photography Studio
launches on Rue Seattle at 8AM ET on April 11, 2011.
Create a Cook launches on Rue Boston at 8AM ET on April 12, 2011.

April 8, 2011


We’re indulging our inner Jack Kerouac and road-tripping with the family across the country. From fresh museums to eclectic eateries, these are the places we go for some serious cross-country style.


Rue La La

1. Create a Cook – Boston, MA
We don’t mind a bunch of cooks in the kitchen as long as it’s not ours. Turn that tyke into a top chef.
Our Create a Cook Boutique opens Tuesday, April 12, at 8AM ET.

2. Harvard Museum of Natural History – Boston, MA
Explore the zoological collections with the family. We like paying visits to the 42-foot long Kronosaurus.
Our Harvard Museum of Natural History Boutique opens Monday, April 11, at 8AM ET.
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April 7, 2011


Rue Seattle

Just two months ago, we launched Rue Boston. Now, we’re growing, moving into more of the cities we love. December saw the launch of Rue Seattle, making our first big mark on the West Coast. And after just one month in, we can’t get enough of it.

We’re scouring some of our favorite cities from coast to coast. Rue Seattle zeros in on the city’s best insider hotspots; exclusive events; and coveted fashion, food, and entertainment. If you live near Seattle (or love to visit), be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter for our daily Rue Seattle Pick. We’ll keep you in the loop on all the city’s can’t-miss happenings.

Let us know how we’re doing. After a month of delving into the Seattle scene, we want to check in with Members and see what you love, what’s been missing, and what you want to see more of. And we’re always taking suggestions – email us at with the best things to do in your neighborhood.

Rue Seattle

January 15, 2011


Leslie Kerns

Word of a major stylista in buttoned-up D.C. perked our ears right up. We had to see this uber chic (and totally successful) PR pro running around the city for ourselves. With a whole lot of sophistication and a splash of French influence, Leslie Kerns is living proof that fashion and professionalism can mix – no matter what your politics.

Rue La La: First of all, talk to us about your high-influence job.
Leslie: I run the communications division of a public affairs firm headquartered in D.C. We help progressive non-profits, campaigns, and other mission-focused organizations meet their advocacy, organizing, fundraising, and public relations needs. My firm is fairly entrepreneurial – which means “all hands on deck” is not just a phrase but a way of life. Running from client meeting to staff meeting to a new business pitch – sometimes on the other side of D.C., and sometimes by phone as I head to New York or elsewhere – means I have to move quickly and adapt to many different environments.
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May 6, 2010