Rue Chicago

The style just keeps coming, and this time it comes to our latest Rue Local hotspot: Chicago. In honor of Rue Chicago’s much-anticipated recent launch, we chatted with Director of Brand Partnerships Rick Patrone to get his insider take on the city’s super-friendly inhabitants, where to get the very best deep dish pizza, and which side of the baseball line he falls on.

Rue La La: As the most populous Midwestern city, how would you describe Chicago’s personality?
Rick: I hear this all the time, “Chicagoans are so open, friendly, and nice.” It’s unexpected from a big city, but don’t get me wrong, we can be tough – just go to any White Sox game to hear the South Siders rant.

Rue La La: What about its style personality?
Rick: Chicago is more fashion than fad. We are hip, cool, and stylish. Many out-of-towners who come here and take a walk down Oak & Rush see some of the most glam folks in the city. They’re surprised. Yes, we have our own attitudes, traditions, and values, but we certainly keep up with the latest and greatest trends.
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August 18, 2011