Split into three aesthetic categories – Relaxed, Refined, and Romantic – our Rue Project: The Master Suite Re-Do Boutique packs every last detail you need to kick that bed and bath up into Master Suite status. Sort of like a Choose Your Own Adventure book – just way better.

For the Refined suite: Keep hues classically understated (like this cream throw and bedding). Structure is also crucial in achieving a more tailored look; this angular lamp adds a perfect touch of polish.

For the Relaxed suite: Here, comfort is key. Paired with low-key bedding, this blue rug keeps things easy-breezy casual. And to drive the point home? Slip into a blissfully soft terry robe.

For the Romantic suite. With slightly darker hues (like camel-colored bedding), a smattering of ornate details (like this artfully carved bench), and ethereal window panels (to render any ray of sunlight a soft, golden glow), the mood is most definitely set.

Our Rue Project: The Master Suite Re-Do Boutique opens Tuesday, October 16, at 3PM ET.

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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October 16, 2012


Sandals Luxury Included Resorts

Memorial Day, the unofficial start to summer, is nearly here. We welcome the return of outdoor barbeques, sky-high wedges, and one of my favorite aspects of the summer – love! We all know summer is officially the height of wedding season. It’s the time of year when beautiful brides don the dress and grooms get spiffy in the suiting of their dreams to walk down the aisle. But once the “I Do’s” and dancing are over, the true party starts when the happy couple whisks off to a dreamy destination for the trip of a lifetime: The Honeymoon.

Imagine jetting off to a place where you don’t have to lift a finger because the British-trained butlers anticipate your every need. Where you’re invited to indulge in gourmet fine dining and fruity top-shelf cocktail concoctions. Where you can take in the turquoise water under a thatched palapa, or spend your time snorkeling and sailing (all without having to pawn your vintage Chanel bag to pay for it). So whether you’re getting hitched or just in desperate need of a romantic getaway, I’m a big fan of the hotspots Rue La La is offering in their Sandals Luxury Included® Resorts Boutique – opening today!
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May 26, 2010


D.L. & Co.

Douglas Little isn’t your typical candle connoisseur. He dubs himself a “modern alchemist” – and we couldn’t agree more. These waxy masterpieces aren’t your typical coffee table trinket. Not only do they smell intoxicating, but these candles are edgy, hauntingly beautiful, and have a way of creating instant ambiance. Here, the alchemist talks about his burning passion.

Rue La La: Name three moments that just can’t happen without candlelight.
Douglas: Morning, afternoon, and evening. Candlelight makes everything more interesting and creates ambiance. I recently hosted a breakfast at my house and thought – why not put all the candelabras out? Candlelight complimented by sunlight is magical and made my eggs Benedict even more delish.
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April 19, 2010