We all have a beloved pair of heels or flats that are a touch too worn to wear, yet we can’t seem to toss them in the giveaway bin. The fastest (and surprisingly simplest) way to take them from drab to nearly new (sans Sharpie®)? Add some paint, and what was once a scuffed winter pair just became spring’s go-tos.

What you’ll need:
Masking tape
White acrylic paint
Color acrylic paint
Paint brush
Small cup of water

How to do it:
1. Use a rag to clean up a pair of slightly worn shoes.
2. Wrap the masking tape tightly around the toe of each shoe, exposing only the area you plan to paint.
3. Apply one coat of white paint. Let it dry for one to two hours.
4. Add one or two coats of color paint over the white paint. Dip the brush in a small cup of water to smooth out the strokes.
5. Let the paint set. Peel off the tape before it dries completely to prevent cracking.

By Julia Ivins, Staff Writer

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February 6, 2013