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Snow is on the ground for many of us, but thankfully, two critical rites of spring are around the corner. New York Fashion Week – and Spring Training. You might not think so, but it actually makes perfect sense to be a big fan of both. Here’s why:

1. Everyone wears a uniform. Whether it’s regulation MLB or all black and a pair of rag & bone boots, knowing what you’re going to wear lets you focus on your job. And that uniform has to change periodically to keep up with the times. (There’s a whole site, Uni Watch, dedicated to those changes in sports.)

2. We style our uniforms to express our individuality. Two editors in black suits at NYFW won’t look the same. Just as a single roll of the skinny pant leg says, “I’m cool, I’m relaxed, and I break the rules,” small uniform adjustments in baseball telegraph larger messages. Most notable is the visible stirrup – which says, “I honor history. Tradition matters. I plan to win or die trying.” – versus long pants cascading over the shoes like a pair of pajamas. That says, “See you at the 40/40 Club.”

3. Style is democratic. Baseball is the only sport where managers suit up like the rest of the team. Your position doesn’t drive what you wear. To me, it communicates that we’re all in this together and the same things matter to all of us. At Rue, everyone falls in love with a trend and we start to look alike. (Right now, spot us in sequins for day and ankle boots.) Thanks to a host of iterations, from high to low, we can all be in the fashion trenches together.
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January 9, 2013