Style File: Your Spring Style Questions Answered


Spring 2011

Now that winter’s run its course, we’re busy getting prepped for warmer weather (an animal of its own). We asked our lovely Facebook Fans to post their most pressing questions. And one of our Rue stylists, Maureen, has all the answers when it comes to dressing for the season.

Q: What’s the one must-have outfit piece this spring? – Caitlin O.
A: Invest in a dress that can go from day to night. Try the new longer length to pair with flats in the daytime and high wedge espadrilles at night. For day, throw on a woven leather belt and a light cardigan or jean jacket. For night, go for drippy rhinestones to up the glitz.

Q: What’s the rule on nail polish color this season? Toes only? Fingers only? Matching toes & fingers? – Shawn F.
A: We love mixing up fingers and toes, but we try to keep the colors in the same family. Spring for a coral on your fingers and a hot pink on your toes, or try a ballet slipper pink paired with cherry red.
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April 22, 2011

Style File: Your Questions Answered


Style File

We love your style questions. From what’s appropriate, to what’s “in,” to what you’re just dying to pull off – your queries get us thinking, and searching for the best answers. This time we turned to Misty Huber, stylist and co-founder of and Here’s her chic, practical say:

Q. I never know if it’s okay to tuck tops into pants anymore. A few years ago my teenage daughter told me absolutely no tucking in.
A. It’s definitely okay! Tucking in your tops is an easy way to define your waist and create an hourglass figure. The trick to pulling it off is to make sure you have a great-fitting pair of pants that lay flat across your stomach and flatter your derriere without bulging, pinching, or pulling. Choose a substantial fabric. Thin fabrics aren’t as forgiving and can show the excess fabric where you’ve tucked in your top.
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March 24, 2010

Style File: Your Questions Answered


Member Questions - Answered

Member Questions - Answered

Spring is a tricky time in the world of fashion. So when our Members wrote in with their most vexing fashion questions, we went to a stylish source for answers. Stylist Alison Lee offered up her insider insights. (And if your question isn’t answered here stay tuned – there’s more to come!)
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March 4, 2010

We’re opening the style file – send in your vexing fashion questions!

How can I break out my spring finds right now? Got a new way to wear a denim jacket? What’s a modern way to wear a suit?

Got style questions? We can relate. So we thought we’d give you a forum for answers. Send in your most vexing fashion problems – just write them in the comments section below. We’ll go to some of our favorite experts for the answers and report back. (Added bonus: We’re guessing our Members will have some fabulous insights, too.)

February 23, 2010