Hello again, Project Runway fans! Last week, the designers created outfits to pair with diamonds. This week, it was the first team challenge – and the fabric came from prizes won at Coney Island‘s boardwalk (read: straw sombreros and stuffed animals), making this the second unconventional-materials challenge in just three episodes.

The good: My pick, hands down, was Alexandria and Dom’s adorable sharkmonster. Helen and Kate’s red sombrero dress had the judges swooning, too. It felt a little rough at the curves and waistline, but their creativity made it work.

The bad (and the ugly): Alexander and Justin’s attempt to rock some sherbet-hued plastic fell victim to a serious lack of editing, and Timothy and Miranda’s blue high-low dress and yellow vest were a bizarre mix of boring and horribly mismatched.

The last laugh: Everyone needs a little more Tim Gunn in their life – unless they’re Timothy, who couldn’t catch a break. Tim’s comments on his and Miranda’s design ranged from “hospital gown” to “Disney princess” (both accurate, but… ouch).

What did you think of Miranda’s outburst in the sewing room, and – on the other side of things – the blossoming “galmance” between Kate and Helen? Are you as happy as I am that team challenges will (hopefully) be few and far between this season?

Tweet us at @ruelala to chat about it. Until then, auf Wiedersehen.

By Jess Huckins, Staff Writer

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August 2, 2013