Local Style: Fashion in the Financial World


Local Style: Andrew Ward

You heard it here first: Style is alive and well in Boston’s clubby, white-shoe financial world, and we’ve met a man who proves it. In a city that some would say “plays it safe” when it comes to fashion, it was refreshing to find someone who isn’t afraid to push the envelope. Here, our favorite financial planner dishes on his style dos and don’ts.

Rue La La: You work in a very conservative town in an uber conservative profession – how do you incorporate some risks into your style?
Andrew: I wear pocket squares that match my ties, I incorporate a ton of pink, and I also wear argyle or colored socks that work with my tie’s color scheme.
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July 23, 2010

Style File: Your Work Wardrobe Questions Answered


Johnston & Murphy

Office-appropriate attire is no longer limited to navy dresses and pinstripe suits, but it’s sometimes a fine line as to what flies in the workplace. Our Members shared vexing career clothing questions, and we’re turning to Deanna Grubbs, Director of Retail Merchandising at Johnston & Murphy, for answers on how to take on the work week in style.

Q. No one likes to iron! Is it possible to avoid ironing work clothes?
– Julie via twitter @Jkchavanne

A. Start by selecting fabrics that naturally have wrinkle-resistant properties – such as jersey, wool, and polyester – quite common in dresses and pants. If you prefer the look and feel of cotton, many brands offer styles that have been specially treated to be wrinkle-resistant. In our men’s apparel line, we have a selection of Easy Care shirts that can literally be taken right out of the dryer and worn wrinkle-free. Poly/cotton blends are more common in women’s shirts, and the blend naturally offers wrinkle resistance. And if you insist on 100% cotton, try hanging your clothes in the bathroom while showering to “steam” out the wrinkles. It’s not as good as a press job, but it’s better than nothing.
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July 21, 2010