Plaid is a classic men’s pattern, one you can wear pretty much anywhere. But go about it wrong and you run the risk of looking like a lost lumberjack. So take note:

  1. When suiting up with a plaid button-front, always pair it with a dark tie.
  2. Never mix your plaids and checks. Remember: gingham, tattersall, and plaid are all different.
  3. Leave plaid pants to the pro golfers. Period.
  4. Plaid should be worn as an accent – not the main attraction. Limit yourself to one plaid piece per outfit and anchor your ensemble with a solid color.
  5. Don’t be afraid to go unconventional. Sure, red and blue are classic plaid hues, but pastels and brights are great for summer.

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By Keriann Coffey, Associate Blog Editor

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July 9, 2013


Layer It Up


Winter brings gloomier weather, and as you look around, people tend to wear more somber colors like grey and black. This winter, don’t fall in to that habit. Instead, include a subtle yet eye-catching pattern to add some interest to your outfit.

As shown above, you can wear a solid-colored shirt and use a combination of classic fall patterns, like herringbone and plaid, which can be incorporated by use of outerwear accessories and, of course, sport coats. By adding small doses of these rich patterns, you’ll keep dismal weather from getting your style down. For more pattern (and layering) help, check out the step-by-step guide below.

Step 1. Start with a simple (and comfy) crewneck tee.
Step 2. Add a classic button-front (I recommend chambray).
Step 3. Throw on a soft v-neck sweater.
Step 4. Incorporate some texture. A herringbone sport coat will work wonders for this step.
Step 5. Look to patterned outerwear accessories. A plaid scarf in dark hues is the perfect neutral eye candy.

December 11, 2012

I’m in a holiday state of mind, and there’s no stopping the Christmas music or screenings of Love Actually until the (very) end of December. That goes for my wardrobe, too, but instead of overdoing it with a head-to-toe holiday ensemble, I’m sticking to this tried-and-true winter pattern: plaid.

For the office
A basic plaid scarf gives a festive look to work attire, while keeping you warm on the weekday commute.

For running errands
Throw on a plaid blazer with your favorite pair of jeans, and you’ll never miss wearing your yoga pants to the grocery store. (Well, almost never.)

For girls night out
Avoid a too-country look by pairing a plaid top with a bold statement necklace. Dark wash jeans and heels elevate the outfit to not-quite-casual, perfect for a day or night out with the girls.

By Melissa Mann, Staff Writer

How are you wearing your winter plaid? Tell us in the comments or tweet us at @ruelala.

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November 10, 2012

The Rue Golf Club

With our The Rue Golf Club Boutique coming up, we turned to the expert to get her tips on what to wear – and pack – for a day on the course.

What are some style trends you’ve been seeing on the greens? We’re ready for your tips!
Looking stylish on the green while also being able to play the game comfortably is key for golfers. First off, look for technical fabrics that have the ability to wick moisture away from the body, decrease unpleasant odors, offer sun protection, and that don’t pill or wrinkle – these have been making their way into the golf world pretty steadily.

Men shouldn’t be afraid to try polos that are brightly colored, striped, or patterned with jacquard or argyle prints. This is a great way to stay true to traditional golf wear while taking a fashion plunge. Cargo shorts are also making their way onto golf courses, so know that it’s okay to be a little nontraditional. Cargo shorts will keep you cool in the heat, and the pockets are great for storing extra tees, golf balls, and any other essentials.

Women are able to look feminine by sporting silhouettes that are more form-fitting and less frumpy. Printed skorts and pants are a big trend, along with traditional argyle and striped tops. For the edgier golfer, embellishments like studs, beading, and Swarovski stones are also a leading look.
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August 19, 2011