Local Style

Jimmy Contreras is a force to be reckoned with in the Philadelphia fashion scene. Working as a stylist, blogger, boutique creative director, and all around man-about-town, Jimmy has learned a few tricks to flawless style. Here, he shares his style secrets and gives us a taste of Philly flavor.

Rue La La: You’re known as a Philly stylemaker and style-watcher. Walk us through a normal day in the life of Jimmy Contreras.
Jimmy: A day can start relaxing with Starbucks or an early morning television fashion segment. Then client meetings, a photo shoot, quick lunch, styling clients, happy hour, drinks and dinner, and a fabulous evening event. Then click repeat!

Rue La La: If you didn’t live in Philly, where would you live and why?
Jimmy: I would live in Boston. Boston is so regal. Growing up as a child in Idaho, I dreamed of living in the neighborhood where Rocky ran through the streets in Philly, or walking through the snow on Beacon Hill in Boston.
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April 15, 2011