Want to keep your PANDORA pieces looking brand new? We have a few expert care tips to help get you close. So grab your charms and get ready to watch them shine.

How to Care for PANDORA Charms

Charm Cleaning 101
First, grab a dish of lukewarm water and add a small amount of baby shampoo. Then dip a soft toothbrush into the solution and scrub each charm in circular motions to nix any dirt. For those times when your piece needs a heavy-duty cleaning, soak it in clean water first.

Pack It In
Keeping your PANDORA in tip-top shape starts with how you store it. A velvet or felt-lined box is best for every-day organization, but a budget-friendly plastic ziplock bag (made of Mylar or polyethylene only, no polyvinyl allowed) will also do the trick. Travel often? Grab a jewelry roll to keep your pieces shiny and mark-free. Just remember, no rubber containers – they’ll tarnish silver quickly – and keep your accessories out of the bathroom.

That Extra TLC
We all know that over time our gold and silver essentials look a bit worn. PANDORA (and Rue) recommends having them inspected at least once a year by a goldsmith. They can double-check clasps, mounts, and soldering, as well as any deep cosmetic wear.

Moral of the story: a little love now can make your jewelry last long enough to be passed down. Now you just have to worry about playing favorites with the lucky recipients of these coveted pieces. Want to find your next heirloom? Shop our PANDORA Boutique, now open.

By Ashley Bell, Staff Writer

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May 28, 2015

The best part about a PANDORA bracelet? The options. With charms in materials from gold to colorful glass, each bracelet you build is bound to be unique. Sometimes, however, having so many options can be a little overwhelming. But not to worry – our Fashion Director, Jackie, is here to help you get started. Just take a look at her tips below.

PANDORA Tips from Jackie Nasser

Step 1: Choose Your Foundation
“Start with a basic gold, silver, or leather bracelet. There’s no wrong style, so just opt for your favorite.”

Step 2: Pick a Theme
“This is the fun part. Pick a meaningful hobby or style, and then stack on the charms. Feel free to mix metals and shapes – there are no rules.”

Step 3: Add Some Color
“Lastly, sprinkle in pops of color to add interest to your bracelet. Just stick to two or three hues for a cohesive look.”

Our PANDORA Boutique opens Tuesday, March 18, at 11AM ET.

By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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March 18, 2014

She has every last PANDORA Murano glass charm. And she’s already filled up two bracelets. What she probably doesn’t have? One of these extra-special luxe charms. Made of 14k gold and dotted with shimmering diamonds, these baubles are sure to rank number one on that holiday gift list.

PANDORA Luxe Charms

14k Gold Floral Lattice Charm with Diamond
Perfect For: Your sister or niece with the green thumb

14k Gold Precious Memory Charm with Diamond
Perfect For: Your sentimental mom or grandma

14k Gold Big Hearts Charm
Perfect For: Your special someone or BFF

Our PANDORA Boutique opens Friday, November 29, at 11AM ET.

By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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November 29, 2013