There’s a reason (or six) that fall is one of our fashion director’s favorite times of the year. Need a little cold-weather inspiration? Below, she shares her tips for pulling off this season’s top trends.

Fall Style

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October 24, 2014

Forget what anyone says. Those items of clothing you’ve deemed “completely unflattering” for your curves or your legs or whatever – well, consider this your permission slip to have at them.

Fitting Room You Can Wear It

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October 7, 2013

Forgive me, all past and future boyfriends, for I have a confession to make: one of the most glorious parts of dating you is having access to your closet.

Let me clarify. Of course I date you for other, less closet-related reasons. And of course, I love to get all dolled up in LBDs as much as the next girl. But there’s seriously nothing like peeking into your closet, finding that just-worn-in-enough, just-boxy-enough item of clothing (ideally a sweater, bonus if it’s cashmere), and calling it a day.

Only problem: said boyfriend sweater requires, well, said boyfriend. So what’s a single girl to do? Peep these tips, of course.

The Fitting Room

Know what to look for. The perfect boyfriend sweater is:  a) long enough that you can either tuck a bit of the front into relaxed jeans or wear it as a tunic, and b) loose enough that it simply hangs off your body.

Don’t be afraid to shop men’s. To find the right size in men’s, start with the size you normally wear in women’s – so if you’re a women’s small, choose a men’s small – then size up or down accordingly. (Yes, you can find boyfriend sweaters in women’s. It’s just not quite as fun.)

Choose a V-neck. The bit of exposed skin keeps things exciting.

Keep proportions in mind. When styling, always pair with fitted bottoms – think skinny jeans, leggings, or shorts. The rest is up to you. I love pairing with broken-in skinnies, a few long necklaces, and ankle boots (similar, here). Another current obsession: a heather grey, baby-soft (or chunky ribbed) boyfriend sweater paired with black leather anything (a la Heidi Klum).

By Joanna Berliner, Editor 

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January 28, 2013