Chef Rene Ortiz

Rene Ortiz spent years traveling the world, cultivating his skills, and learning new techniques in the kitchen. Now he comes home to take part in the the James Beard Foundation, which brings foodies face-to-face with their favorite chefs and one-of-a-kind dining opportunities. We sat down with Chef Ortiz himself to get the scoop on what goes on in his kitchen.

Rue La La: You spent some time in NYC and overseas. How has that had an impact on your cooking?
Chef Ortiz: My cooking is a fusion of everything that I’ve done, places I’ve traveled through, and the knowledge I’ve picked up from working with really, really wonderful people. My food is a different interpretation of what Mexican food is – it’s my interpretation and I think it’s a fresher approach. Some people may call it “fluffy,” and I like that word. It means quality ingredients and usually something you could get in Mexico City. It started in La Esquina, has progressed overtime, and people are actually copying what we are doing and it’s fun.
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July 6, 2010