Take Oriental Styles Out of Their Element: 1 Rug, 2 Ways

Oriental rugs conjure images of grand entryways, sprawling dining-room scenes, and stately antiques. But these seemingly old-world styles don’t always demand such strict sophistication. Here, from a modern loft to an earthy country home, are two new ways to use one timeless piece.

How to Use One Rug in Two Ways

Oriental rugs aren’t exclusive to a buttoned-up aesthetic. Roll out one (or a few) to create contrast with a mid-century modern sofa or crisp white walls.

Hardwood floors will forever welcome a classic rug. Prefer a rustic look? Incorporate distressed furniture. Or opt for more polished pieces for a metropolitan style.

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March 11, 2014

Safavieh Unraveled: A Look Behind the Brand’s Heirloom Collection Rugs

Apparently, bringing a rug to life requires more than a simple sketch pad. And Safavieh is proof.


Before a rug collection begins development, designers spend two to three years cataloging trends in color, fabric, couture clothing, and lifestyle. Next, a region for production is chosen.
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October 30, 2013

3 Design Ideas for the Home

From Victorian to Country, update your space with these key thematic elements in mind


Old house with high ceilings? Think crystal chandeliers in every room, elaborate mirrors on the walls, and oriental area rugs. Just add a portrait of the queen and hire a tour guide.

Mix clean lines with cozy details. Once you have your classic furniture pieces, choose a color scheme, a few token conversation pieces for the walls (nature-inspired, perhaps?), and rich, inviting textures like plush throws and pillows.

It’s all about rustic elegance. Pile on soft pastels, vintage-inspired accents, and floor-length drapes for an opulent look that doesn’t overdo it.

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By Julia Ivins, Staff Writer

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February 19, 2013