Work wear means something different to everyone. But whether your office is conservative, creative, or somewhere in the middle, adding a hint of your own personal style is key. Here, we break down the 9-to-5 uniform by career type, so no matter where you put your 40 hours in, impressing the boss is pretty much guaranteed.

Office Dress Code Tips

The Creative
Your office is a playground for self-expression. When it comes to your 9-to-5 attire, think outside the cube with flowy silhouettes and bold colors.

The Corporate Professional
Looking polished is part of your job. Opt for a monochromatic dress and stash bold heels under your desk for post-presentation drinks.

The Entrepreneur
Your office is everywhere. Meaning, you need an outfit that can multitask. Look to a simple top and slouchy trousers to get the job done.

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By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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May 14, 2014

Office dress code causing you confusion? Put down that HR manual and read on. From the most formal of workplaces to more laid-back offices, below are four common dress codes explained (and ready for you to master).

Business Professional: Usually found in corporate offices, a business-formal dress code is all about power players. Translation? Suits, suits, and more suits. A structured (and of course, well-tailored) skirt suit or pantsuit shows you mean business. Be sure to keep it neutral (blacks, greys, etc.), and absolutely no plunging necklines.

Business Casual: More common in offices, a business-casual dress code allows for a little more freedom in the workplace, while still looking put together. You have the freedom to play with some color, so try incorporating neutral and bold-hued separates. A flattering pair of slacks with a (not-too-tight) sweater or blouse is usually a safe bet.

Smart Casual: A smart-casual dress code lets you bring a little more flair to the workplace. While still totally professional, there’s more flexibility to incorporate colors and accessories. A bright or printed dress with a blazer shows your professional side, while bringing in some more fun elements (and showing off a little personality).

Casual: More and more common in workplaces, casual means exactly that. While many offices permit jeans (usually in darker washes), a great simple dress is also perfect for a casual office. Lower necklines and shorter sleeves are also more at home here. After all, just because you can dress down doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look stylish doing it.

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By Anna Kuchinsky, Staff Writer

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