Learning to snowboard is more than just a balancing act. There’s that whole terminology thing, too. So to help you get your footing – or rather, wording – we complied a list of lingo you should know before hitting up the chairlift this season.


1. Biff
To crash or fall.

2. Jib
Using a snowboard to make stylish contact with a non-snow surface, like a rock.

3. Fakie
Riding a snowboard backwards.

4. Ollie
One of the first tricks you’ll learn as a snowboarder. It means to jump by using the tail of your board as a spring.

5. Nollie
The opposite of ollie-ing. Here, you use the nose of the snowboard to jump it off the ground and into the air.

6. Switch
To ride down the slope with your weaker foot at the front of the board.

7. Goofy
If you ride with your right foot leading, as opposed to your left foot, you ride “goofy.” (PS: Don’t take offense.)

8. Steezy
A slang term combining “style” and “ease.”

9. Pow
Short for “powder.” It’s fresh, untouched snow – and great for boarding.

10. Shreddin’ the Gnar
Riding the terrain. Basically, a cool way to say, “We’re going snowboarding.”

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By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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September 25, 2013