If you’ve been confused by the growing number of men showing off stubble this month, let me reassure you – it has little to do with the oncoming threat of snow.

It’s Movember, a month where men grow moustaches to build awareness for prostate-cancer research.

And, I have to say, I’m in love.

No, I don’t love the feeling of stubble on my cheek or have a quarter-life urge to take home a mountain man – despite recent findings by scientific journal Evolution and Human Behavior, which state that women see men with facial hair as more attractive than their clean-shaven counterparts.

In fact, I abhor stubble. But I’m in love with the simple fact that Movember has lightened up the act of raising money for men’s health. This is no somber vigil or all-day walkathon. It’s an act of raising awareness that is easily integrated into a man’s everyday life. One that is happily tweeted, Instagrammed, and discussed around dinner tables, over cubes, and in locker rooms.

Movember has achieved exactly what it set out to do: get people talking. And for that, all seasonal-moustache touters should be proud.

By Joanna Berliner, Editor 

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November 12, 2013

While December may reign as the month of holiday cheer, much of it wouldn’t be possible without its supporting act, November – the ultimate month of festivity prep.

In the name of said prep, here’s a list of what exactly Rue has to offer this month that’ll cater to your holiday needs – be it entertaining, gifting, or finally replacing those sheets on the guest bed.

24 Hours of Today’s Fix. Yes, you read that right, and yes, we’re talking about that Today’s Fix. From 8PM Thanksgiving Day (November 22) through 8PM Black Friday (November 23), a new Today’s Fix will launch every hour, on the hour. The twist? The most coveted items (“it” bags included) will go live at the oddest of hours. (If you happen to be standing in a checkout line before sunup, though, and your phone bears the Rue La La app, perhaps those hours will be the best of hours.)

Get Gifty: Our Holiday Gift Shop. While this one was introduced a few days ago, a refresher never hurts. Think of it as your one-stop gift-getting destination, open 24/7, all holiday season long – and with every last member of your gift list in mind.

12 Days of Merry. As in, “My true love gave to me…” indeed. While partridges in pear trees won’t be found in these Boutiques (blame transportation logistics), holiday décor musts – think ornaments, wreaths, gourmet goodies, and more – most certainly will be. The event kicks off Saturday, November 10, at 11AM ET, and will continue for 12 whole days (just as the carol instructs, of course).

By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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November 7, 2012