A bold new haircut. A best-selling book. Lena Dunham is on a headline-stealing roll and shows zero signs of stopping. The actress-slash-writer announced at the New York Film Festival that she’s adapting the young adult novel Catherine, Called Birdy into a film.

The book (a favorite from the 90s) is set in late-13th-century England and focuses on a twelve-year-old girl’s attempts to ditch suitors. The only catch in Lena’s plans? She seems to think the screenplay will be a tough sell to studios. “I just need to find someone who will fund a PG-13 medieval movie,” Lena said.

Wishing you luck, girl. If the movie gets made, this mega-fan will definitely be at the midnight showing.

By Emily Ketterer, Staff Writer

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October 14, 2014

As fans of all things fashionable and funny, we’re counting down the days until The Other Woman premieres.

1. Have you seen the trailer? We’ve been watching it on repeat.

2. We’ll be sipping on girls’-night cocktails pre- (and post-) theater.

3. These sneak-peek quotes have us expecting to laugh nonstop.

4. The characters in this flick were styled by Patricia Field (you know, of Sex and the City fame?). Fashion at its finest, folks. 

5. Plus, these lucky ladies got to film at The Cove Atlantis. So. Jealous.

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April 15, 2014


Date Night

Ready for “Date Night”? Shortly after Christine Mitchell started her blog N’East Style, she reached out to Skip Brooks, creator of the style blog Alex Grant, in the hopes of starting a collaboration project. Inspired by a post Christine had done on the style of “Jaws,” Skip proposed they recreate outfits from their favorite movies in a “Date Night” series. While Skip puts together the lead male role’s look, Christine handles the lead female. Both outfits appear on “N’East Style” every Friday and Saturday. With a host of avid readers eager to recommend movies, Christine and Skip agreed to sneak Killers in just for us.
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June 28, 2010