It’s not easy being a mom, but if you’re London-born designer, actress, and mom-of-three Rosie Pope – you make it look blissfully simple. How does she do it (and look flawless while she’s at it)? We asked her a few questions to find out.

Why did you decide to start Rosie Pope?
Pregnant women deserve the best. I want to be able to provide the highest-quality one-stop shop for pregnant women and mothers, from clothing all the way through to education.

Did you ever dream of becoming a designer? 
I don’t think I dreamt about becoming a designer, but I always wanted to be a mother and to make my career about motherhood. In my opinion, our fashion and style play an integral role in how we feel, and it is imperative that mothers feel good.

Your schedule is, in a word, hectic. How do you juggle being a mother and businesswoman?
Scheduling is key, but I also try to embrace the craziness and be in the moment. Don’t let perfection get in the way of good intention. (Who cares if there is a little syrup on the iPad? At least I sent the e-mail!)

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October 15, 2012