From breakfast to business class, keep luxe layers close this season. Here are four unexpected places to stash your coziest throws.


  1. At the office. How many times have you said, “It’s freezing in here!” over the past three months? That’s what we thought.
  2. In your car or carry-on. A saving grace on road, plane, or train trips.
  3. By the kitchen table. Cozy up with coffee and your iPad® (or paper) on lazy Sunday mornings.
  4. Tucked in every tote or baby bag. For morning strolls or brisk commutes, keep one within arm’s reach.

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October 8, 2013

It turns out wool comes from more than sheep. (Newsflash? We hope not.) The term itself refers to the result of spun hair from any mammal. The thinner the follicle of hair, the softer and more desirable – ahem, expensive – the wool.

BLG-1756 What Are You Really Wearing - Wool

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September 24, 2013