In the past year, Miley Cyrus has made some interesting (to put it nicely) style choices. And I say that as one of the few people who actually had high hopes for her newly acquired edgy style. I mean, her nude-and-black mesh dress at this year’s punk-themed Met Gala? Flawless. But then, she broke out a latex bikini at the MTV Music Video Awards. And after that it was a parade of ill-fitting onesies, booty shorts, and grills.

And just when she had about lost me, she took to the Fashion Group International’s 30th-annual Night of Stars in a backless emerald gown. It was jaw-dropping – and I mean that not in a her-performance-with-Robin-Thick way, but a good one.

Miley Cyrus & Marc Jacobs

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January 9, 2014