It’s Friday night. You come home from work, grab a beverage of choice, and flip on E! to hear which B***h Stole My Look. (At least that’s my routine.) Following the tragic loss of comedian Joan Rivers, the fate of her show, Fashion Police, has been up in the air. Thankfully, her beloved daughter and executive producer, Melissa Rivers, confirmed that the show will be returning in January.

So watch out, A-listers. The show that notoriously calls out celebrities’ good (and horribly bad) fashion choices will hit the red carpet just in time for awards season – the Golden Globes, to be exact. The network hasn’t officially announced who will replace its joke-cracking star. All we know is, they’ll have some pretty big (and downright fabulous) shoes to fill. Stay tuned.

By Mairead McGonagle, Staff Writer

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September 24, 2014

Hi again, Project Runway fans! Last week, the designers mixed a dash of rock with a whole lot of country for superstar Miranda Lambert. This week, the client-models were seniors longing to update their closets with timeless new looks.

First, since Michelle’s partner went home last week, she needed to join a new group – and much to her chagrin, the Button Bag put her with Patricia and Layana. Since the start of the competition, all of Michelle’s creations have been overshadowed by the lower scores of her teammates, and she was (rightly) nervous about this grouping.

The mature ladies seemed to have fun in the workroom, but the designers found it difficult to balance their own aesthetics with their clients’ wishes. Amanda, Patricia, and Tu all had problems with fabric and fit, and going into the runway, it seemed Amanda’s mistake-ridden dress and Patricia’s sloppy poncho – with its thick fabrics and odd colorblocking – were in the running for last place.

After the judges (including Joan Rivers – the most perfect guest-judge selection for any episode ever – her daughter Melissa, and designer Rachel Roy) had a look, Benjamin’s too-tight turquoise number also got a harsh critique, even though his client liked it. Melissa Rivers summed up Amanda’s look: “I feel like you tried to make a cake with whatever was in the kitchen rather than getting the right ingredients.” Bingo.

Over on the happier side of things, Stanley’s purple suit looked expensive – however, I think his client’s model-esque figure gave him an advantage. I was surprised to see Samantha’s leopard print, with its giant bow and puffy sleeves, on top (though it was probably teammate Daniel’s suit that earned them the spot). Michelle’s flattering, colorful dress deserved recognition, but she was once again hindered by her team.

I’m not so sure the right person went home this week. What did you think?

Auf Wiedersehen, until next time.

By Jess Huckins, Staff Writer 

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March 1, 2013