Fact: I have an Instagram obsession. I arrange my desk just so before snapping a photo (have to make sure my Vogue and venti Starbucks cup are both visible), debate over filters for way longer than I care to admit, and still get a rush when I’ve gained a follower. But before you judge me – I don’t do selfies. So really, I’m not that bad.

All About Instagram Direct

But now, with the rollout of Instagram Direct, I fear my addiction is about to grow worse. What is Instagram Direct? Essentially, it’s Snapchat-meets-Instagram. With the new technology, you can choose to send your photos and videos to certain friends rather than publish for everyone to see. Say you snap a pic only a few followers will find hilarious. Instead of publishing said photo and getting less than – gasp – 11 likes, you can just send it to the friends that will love it. So those shameless bathroom selfies? Who knows, maybe I’ll even partake.

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By Keriann Coffey, Associate Editor

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December 12, 2013

Put down the emergency kit. The smartest and safest way to maneuver through the Black Friday mayhem? We’ll tell you. But first, a look back at the top 12 moments of Black Friday’s past.

From the small child passed out in a shopping cart to the uniform-clad spectators on a snack break, Mashable’s 12 Black Friday Hall-of-Famers will make you laugh out loud – and hopefully encourage you to stay inside where it’s warm and free of aggressive steal-seekers.

Black Friday

Bringing us to point number one. Not sure if you’ve heard, but there’s this thing called the Internet. Mind-blowing, I know. You get to scoop up every insanely priced find while eating leftovers and listening to holiday music by the fireplace (if you so desire). Let me be clear, though – urgency is still a factor, so waking up early is a good idea.

Make the right choice. The one that involves pecan pie under a fleece blanket. You get the gist. Happy hunting.

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By Julia Ivins, Staff Writer

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November 28, 2013