Pretty Talk: Trying Out Colored Mascara

Ever since seeing the bright purple eyelashes at Stella McCartney’s fall 2012 runway show, I’ve been dying to get my hands on tinted mascara. Packing more punch than everyday black, colors like plum, cobalt, neon green, and even red have been popping up everywhere – and leaving a lasting impression in their wake.

My personal color of choice was a vibrant shade of blue from Physicians Formula (which is actually quite subtle if you only put on one coat – I ended up doing two heavy coats and it made my lashes noticeably blue). Not quite sold on the look just yet? Read on for some tips on how to pick the best bold mascara shade for your eye color.

Blue Mascara
If you have blue eyes, blue mascara is the way to go. Adding depth to lashes and brightening eyes (which makes the whites look even whiter), cobalt shades emphasize the blue pigments and make eyes appear clearer.

Purple Mascara
While purple mascaras tend to look brighter on the brush than they do on your lashes, this shade works well with almost any skin tone. Redheads can pull off bright purple shades best, but the hue also deepens brown eyes and brings out green and amber tones in hazel eyes.

Green Mascara
A neon green shade was popular on Dior’s fall 2013 runway, but the color can be worn in real life – just more subtly. It brings out warm brown and violet tones in eyes, according to

Red/Pink Mascara
Also spotted on the runway at Dior, red mascara is definitely not for the faint of heart. suggests pairing this bold mascara with a matching shade of liquid liner on the upper lashes. Bonus: If your eyes are blue, the red pigments will bring out the tones flawlessly.

By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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February 19, 2013

Makeup Gourmet (SF) 1.15.13;

I form deep and lasting attachments to my favorite makeup products (this probably has something to do with how much I spend on them). Yes, I am the type of lady who will hold on to a Chanel eye-shadow palette long after we should have parted ways because it cost upwards of $50. But, like a bad boyfriend, we need to toss the “just isn’t cutting it anymore” products from our makeup bags when they have nothing left to offer – besides bacteria. Ew.

Unsure of when to toss your mascara or that remaining nub of eyeliner? Here’s the shelf-life breakdown of your everyday basics.

Mascara: Every time you swipe your lashes, your wand collects itty bitty particles of bacteria that end up going right back into the mascara tube. Knowing this is enough to make me want to buy new mascara after each application, but experts recommend switching every two to three months.

Foundations: With the exception of powder mineral foundations (I live and die by Bare Minerals), most of which can last up to two years, all foundations are water-based, meaning they attract bacteria easily. It’s best to replace your foundation after six to twelve months.

Concealer: Powder and stick forms of concealer can last up to two years (take that, blemishes!), while liquid concealers should be discarded after one year.

Blush: The same rules for foundation apply to blush as well. If it’s powder-based, you’re good until you hit the two-year mark. Cream blushes, however, should be thrown away after a year.

Eye shadow and eyeliner: Follow the same rule of thumb as mascara: if a product is going anywhere near your eyes, replace after three months.

Lipstick and lip gloss: Both contain oil-based ingredients, which make these low-risk products in terms of spoiling. Aim to replace glosses and lipsticks after one year, unless you’ve been sick – then toss and start fresh.

The upside of cleaning out your makeup drawer? Shopping for new products, of course. (Sorry, bank account.)

By Lauryn Paiva, Staff Writer

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January 17, 2013