Madison Avenue Couture

It’s amazing what two little words can do to a style-lover’s soul. When we heard “vintage couture,” we had to sit down with the woman responsible for finding these iconic treasures and delivering them to our Members. Here, Judy talks about her love for vintage and gives us an insider’s guide to shopping these must-have heirlooms.

Rue La La: We dream of waking up and owning a fabulous shop like Madison Avenue Couture. How did that come to be?
Judy: One day I decided to leave the corporate world behind and embrace something I always loved:  fashion. I would spend hours searching for fashion treasures, be it from current collections or from the past. I looked at the art of fashion and why certain designers have a place in history and why some of their pieces are truly special. I became a collector of pieces from certain designers and fashion eras. Initially, our shop sold only contemporary couture, but we found that many of our clients loved to add vintage pieces to their wardrobe. I will admit that I often don’t want to part with the pieces, as they are truly special. But, our clients share my pleasure of owning and wearing the pieces they purchase.
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May 20, 2010