Yesterday marked 20 years since the passing of style icon Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Which means we’ve celebrated her fashion legacy for over two decades. But how does one dress in Jackie O’s likeness? Well, according to ELLE, it’s not all about going the conservative route. In fact, it even involves a little risk.

Jackie O's Style Legacy

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From baring hints of skin to sporting curve-hugging silhouettes (often with graphic prints), Jackie O was no stranger to bold dressing – she just always did it tastefully.  Don’t believe me? Head over to to see a slideshow of her more experimental wardrobe choices (and for plenty of outfit inspiration).

By Jillian Hudon, Staff Writer

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May 20, 2014

It’s official. Crochet clothing is going to be big this spring – but unlike in past seasons, it’s meant to be more refined than boho-looking. So, to make sure we’re pulling off the 70s-inspired trend in a polished way, we turned to our fashion director, Jackie, for a few tips.

Jackie Nasser on the Crochet Trend

Our Lilly Pulitzer Boutique opened Thursday, March 27, at 11AM ET.

By Keriann Coffey, Associate Editor 

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March 27, 2014

Gift Pick: Lilly Pulitzer iPad Case

Lilly Pulitzer iPad® Smartcase
Women of all ages can’t get enough of Lilly Pulitzer’s whimsical, happy, and oh-so-bright designs. And the brand’s preppy spirit? It resonates just a little more with college girls. Though her stellar grades are surely already getting her noticed, go ahead and send that print-loving daughter or niece back to school with a tablet cover that will (literally) make her a standout student when she starts a whole new set of classes next semester.

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December 6, 2013


Scoot aside, statement necklaces. Splashed with fruity prints, these brightly hued dresses call for a more refreshing accessory: a tasty summer drink. Simply click on your preferred pairing below for a recipe, blend (or mix), and serve at your summer soiree of choice.

Berries & Blossoms
Social butterflies, rejoice. This healthy smoothie and eye-catching dress let you run from one event to the next without skipping a single beat.

Lemonade & Lace
Remember your childhood lemonade stand? Time to take it to the next level. Whether it’s your skirt or this concoction bringing in the customers is anyone’s guess.

Cocktails & Confetti
No rooftop party is complete without a signature cocktail and showstopping dress. Thankfully, this bold combo has both covered – so go ahead, dance the night away.

Our Lilly Pulitzer Boutique opens Thursday, July 31, at 11AM ET.

By Carolyn Bothwell, Editorial Intern

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August 1, 2013


Lilly lovers, rejoice! Today is the fourth annual National Wear Your Lilly Day – and here at Rue, we can’t think of a better way to start summer (it’s the first official day, after all) than parading around in our very best sun-splashed Lilly Pulitzer pieces. Take a peek at just how our office celebrated above.

By Carolyn Schultz, Staff Writer

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June 21, 2013


A seersucker piece is a timeless classic in any wardrobe – but what exactly makes this sunny fabric a summertime staple?

Seersucker is cotton with a slightly subdued stripe design. It’s woven in a way that puckers the material and elevates it away from the skin. The shirred effect gives seersucker breathability and makes it a practical pick for warm-weather months. The best part? No ironing required.

Up until air-conditioning became standard in the 1950s, the seersucker suit was a mainstay in the wardrobe of the Southern gentleman. Politicians observed Seersucker Thursdays in the summer once it was introduced on the floor of the Senate. Seersucker isn’t just for suits, though – Lilly Pulitzer, with her perfectly preppy designs, masters the seersucker shift dress almost annually.

Today there is still something so very special – almost nostalgic – about seersucker. Politicians and preps alike don it from the Kentucky Derby straight through Labor Day.

By Jillian Hudon, Staff Writer

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May 14, 2013


1. It’s officially spring, and we couldn’t be happier.

2. Warmer weather means hosting a garden party, stat.

3. In honor of Lilly Pulitzer, we’re taking a look back at her best style moments.

4. We can’t help it – we’re already dreaming of the beach (and planning our new swimwear outfits).

5. These black and white photos are just the calming inspiration we need.

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April 9, 2013



Designer and socialite, Lilly Pulitzer, passed away on Sunday in Palm Beach, FL, at 81 years old. When we think of her, we think preppy, perfectly summery style – style so juice-stand fresh that most of us here at Rue can actually remember that very first whimsical Lilly purchase. Below, we share those first sunny memories:

“My first (and favorite) Lilly was a pink and white seersucker dress. It was my go-to for the season. It made me feel so summery – feminine, bright, and complemented every pair of wedges I own.” – Meredith G., Corporate Customer Care Analyst

“In sixth grade, I spotted a teeny Lilly bikini on a shopping trip with Mom. It was all perfectly pink and speckled with palm trees. I have no idea how I convinced her to buy it for me – probably cried, or some other dramatic tool of persuasion. Nonetheless, I so rocked that middle school pool party.” – Joanna B., Editor

“In 2001, my mom gifted me a pair of super-bright Lilly men’s trousers (they looked girly, I swear). Back then, Lilly was virtually unknown at my suburban Chicago high school – I’d scored these in FL –  though they were very well-received. Even when paired with the platform flip–flops I insisted on wearing with them.” – Sarah S., Junior Copywriter

“One of my favorite childhood outfits was a pink and green floral shift – besides being splashed in my favorite colors, it was most appealing because my mother had one to match.  My love for Lilly has only grown from there… though eventually I did insist that my mom and I opt for different prints.” – Bridget R., Event Production Assistant

“Had my mother known her prints were spill-inspired, I probably would have been granted my first prized Lilly piece at a younger age.” – Jillian H., Feature Writer

“My first Lilly was a monokini – the one-piece ‘bathing suit’ you wear over a diaper. But the piece I remember most was a blue shift dress with pink and yellow flowers. I recall that I chose to ‘accessorize’ it with Band-Aids – applied to both my knees + elbows.” – Rachel S., Associate Creative Director

“My gin-gria chiffon tunic with a classic Lilly Pulitzer print is perfect for breezy summer nights in Cape Cod.” – Carolyn S., Feature Writer

“I actually got my first-ever Lilly piece from our latest Boutique. It’s a navy-and-white octopus print swimsuit – it’s really fun but still sophisticated and fits perfectly. I’m planning on wearing it during my honeymoon.” – Shaina M., Copyeditor

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April 8, 2013

Snowballing from the embellishment trend that surfaced last fall, intricate beading promises to garnish all kinds of separates this spring, from dresses and skirts to scarves and tanks. Drawing inspiration from countries like India and Russia, these ornate accents are perfect for achieving a fully accessorized look without ever having to load on the baubles. Low maintenance and easy glam? This is a trend I can get behind.

BLG-1253 Boutique Support- Curated Spring Dresses


Our Take It for a Spin: Airy Dresses for Spring Boutique opens Saturday, February 9, at 11AM ET.

By Abigail Kuzia, Editor

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February 9, 2013


Going on a getaway is fun in itself, but add hue-happy colors and floral-splashed prints and there may not be enough room on the camera for all the picture-perfect moments. Equal parts preppy and nautical, this chic collection has styles for both little and grown-up fashionistas, which makes it perfect for mother-daughter photo ops (with a tropical backdrop, of course).

Take On the Resort Together

Our Lilly Pulitzer Boutiques open Monday, January 7, at 11AM ET.

By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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January 7, 2013