In 1998, aspiring designer Pauline Nakios started her first Lilla P collection with a closet staple: the essential T-shirt. Sixteen years later, the collection has expanded to include every wardrobe must-have imaginable: lightweight sweaters, jackets, you name it. Here, she talks inspiration, personal style, and how it all started.


Rue La La: What’s the significance behind your label’s name?
Pauline Nakios: Lilla was my grandmother and P is for Pauline. Lilla was an incredible woman with amazing style, so it was only fitting that I included her in my line.

RLL: How would you describe your own personal style?
PN: Clean and classic with a modern twist. I love architectural elements and creating color stories.

RLL: Where do you find inspiration?
PN: Living in New York, my inspiration comes from the city and the people I see every day. And I attend seminars well in advance of the season for color and style trends.

RLL: You’re always willing to come in and help out with the styling of photo shoots. What is it about styling that you love?
PN: I have always loved being on the set. Pictures tell a thousand words and it’s important that the image speaks to the brand.

RLL: You have a magazine-worthy home. How are interior decorating and styling similar?
PN: When decorating or styling, I always start with core pieces and accessorize around them. In both cases, you should always be careful of overstyling.

RLL: You curated a home shop for our Members. What is the inspiration behind your picks?
PN: My family has been in the furniture business for close to 100 years, so my style comes from being exposed to that world all my life. For the Boutique, I chose a lot of items that have natural organic shapes and materials, much like the aesthetic of my clothing line.

Our Lilla P Boutique opens Tuesday, February 25, at 11AM ET.

By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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February 25, 2014