Outdoor workouts are challenging, variable, and – best of all – free. But fall and winter? Let’s just say they present some additional challenges.

But you can easily take them on, promise. Just implement these tips for staying safe and warm once the temps drop. Then, hit the ground running.


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By Chrissy Makkas, Staff Writer

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October 24, 2013


In Shrek‘s words: ogres have layers, onions have layers, and, most importantly, fall fashion has layers. (Okay, we added that last part.) But with cooler weather right around the corner, there’s no better time for a little layering refresher.

Make sure they can stand alone.
The A/C is down in your office. You start to peel off layer after layer, only to realize you can’t head to your morning meeting in that old undershirt. The lesson here? Every article of clothing you’re layering with should be wearable on its own. So muscle tanks? Yeah, those are no-go.

Keep things crisp and tucked.
Your outer hem should always be longer than your inner hem. Those sloppy college days of rolling out of bed are long gone, and shirttails hanging from sweaters are just not acceptable. Period.

Never be afraid of a little color.
Just because it’s almost fall doesn’t mean you have to tuck away bright summer colors. But remember, this isn’t a kaleidoscope free-for-all. Choose, at most, one or two bright hues. The overall outfit should be neutral, with bold colors serving as accents.

Always play with pattern. 
If you’re a “plaid button-front under a neutral half-zip” kind of guy, then this rule is for you. Always layer your patterns from lightest to strongest, or vice versa. Think smooth transitions (for a smooth guy, of course).

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By Carolyn Bothwell, Editorial Intern

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August 6, 2013


With cool mornings, warm afternoons, and in-between evenings, dressing for the entire day can be a bit tricky. But learn the fine art of layering, and you’ll be comfortable in any temperature (even the office’s arctic A/C). To avoid looking bulky, use these tips to mix and match pieces for the most flattering shape. Bonus: you’ll create new looks you never even knew you had hiding in your closet.

  1. Keep the underlayer (like a body-hugging tank or dress) fitted for the ideal outfit foundation.
  2. Throw something loose on top (think: a flowy tee, button-down chambray shirt, or both).
  3. Don’t let your shape get lost – add a belt to cinch your waist.
  4. Tie on a summer scarf to finish the look. It will come in handy for the breeziest times of day.

And remember these two things when picking your layering pieces:

  1. Be mindful of proportion and keep the bottom half of your outfit slim.
  2. Pair long pieces with short, and short with long. If everything is one length, no one will be able to see your mix-and-match genius.

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By Brianna Lapolla, Staff Writer

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May 13, 2013


Layer It Up


Winter brings gloomier weather, and as you look around, people tend to wear more somber colors like grey and black. This winter, don’t fall in to that habit. Instead, include a subtle yet eye-catching pattern to add some interest to your outfit.

As shown above, you can wear a solid-colored shirt and use a combination of classic fall patterns, like herringbone and plaid, which can be incorporated by use of outerwear accessories and, of course, sport coats. By adding small doses of these rich patterns, you’ll keep dismal weather from getting your style down. For more pattern (and layering) help, check out the step-by-step guide below.

Step 1. Start with a simple (and comfy) crewneck tee.
Step 2. Add a classic button-front (I recommend chambray).
Step 3. Throw on a soft v-neck sweater.
Step 4. Incorporate some texture. A herringbone sport coat will work wonders for this step.
Step 5. Look to patterned outerwear accessories. A plaid scarf in dark hues is the perfect neutral eye candy.

December 11, 2012

With New England’s will-they-ever-end winters, I refuse to stay bundled in my heaviest furs, woolies, and puffer coats for possibly four months of frigidity. To both remedy the freezing temps and stick to my refusal to reach for my down parka until January, I rely on one simple trick: the vest layer.

From leather to fur, vests have been running rampant on the sartorial radars of editors and bloggers for seasons now. Finally choosing to toss one over my coat might have been the best decision I’ve made as of late (no judgment).  Why didn’t I try this sooner?

For those who live in warm climates (I’m increasingly jealous of you), a vest layered over a medium-weight jacket is ideal for mild winters too.

Convinced yet? Here are a few things to think about (or not) when adding a vest to your winter outerwear repertoire. Continue reading “Yes, You Can: Layer Your Outerwear” »

November 20, 2012


Aside from permission to mow the comfort food (in the name of staying warm, of course), one of the greatest pros to a cooling clime is the glorious opportunity to layer up. Can’t decide between that Parisian striped top, a chambray tunic, your favorite cashmere cardi, and the perfect chartreuse puffer vest? Throw them all on together. When done right, the complexity that contrasting textures, colors, weights – really, anything – bring to life is sure to sartorially set you apart (and tell volumes about your mix-and-match know-how) all season long.

Retain your shape.
Have a penchant for wearing four layers on top (capped off by an oversized field coat)? Firstly – I applaud you. Secondly – be sure that, whatever you wear on the bottom, it’s a skinnily cut something. Same goes for vice versa (i.e., roomy trousers paired with a form-fitting top). Swaddling away any semblance of shape defeats the fundamental purpose of layering. A fashion coup, first and foremost, will always entail lines that intrigue.

There’s no such thing as clashing patterns.
Throwing a plaid flannel over a navy striped tee? Yes. Perfect. Do it. Challenging traditional fashion norms is the surest way to show that you’re so familiar with what is and isn’t “allowed,” you have absolutely no qualms with taking the path less followed.

Contrasting fabrics is key. 
Avoid looking like a one-dimensional cartoon character by mixing and matching different textures. Your look will achieve an intriguing depth that’ll have onlookers wanting to know the story behind every piece you’re wearing.

And don’t forget functionality!
Save the costumery for Halloween. The strongest statement any layered look can make is that its every participating piece plays a genuinely functional role. An example? The tied-around-the-neck sweater. If this is the look you choose, then make sure that, if a chill crops up, the sweater will still look totally in place when pulled on over the rest of your outfit.  

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By Sarah Stanley, Staff Writer

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November 12, 2012


As the summer season winds down (le sigh), my heart is begging to cozy up in chunky fall knits and to layer, layer, layer. Obviously, my heart doesn’t care that it’s still almost 80 degrees outside. The solution? Jewelry layering – and I’m not alone. Delicious stacks of arm candy are the regular at the Rue offices, and lately, I’ve noticed this cleverly piled-on look has worked its way up to necklines. Hooray! I have gobs of necklaces hanging in my closet just begging to be mixed, paired, and mingled with abandon. Taking cues from the Rue girls, here’s how to get the look:

1. Balance the dainty with the substantial. Oversized statement necklaces perk up light, gold-spun strands. So simple.

2. Mix lengths. Start with necklaces that hit close to your collarbone, then work your way down with baubles that hang lower.

3. Add just one more. Once you think you’ve layered your necklaces just right, try adding one more. To your surprise, it may look even better. And if it doesn’t, simply take it off. No harm done.

By Sam Dulac, Senior Staff Writer

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August 28, 2012